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Tuesday, 20. June 2017, 16:10

Author: Ereshkigal

About Upgrade Box

This link shows what is inside most of the boxes in the item mall. Boxes - Last Chaos - Guides & Information

Monday, 19. June 2017, 09:50

Author: Ereshkigal

Knight and Night Shadow Gear Question

That is the Kailux faction set from Alber.

Saturday, 13. May 2017, 04:27

Author: Ereshkigal

Vilya, Please explain me about this.

Its pretty simple, if you buy the Top Selection! Grand Grinder Pack you'll get 5 Armor Master Stones in your gifts its like the BOGO sales they do, you're buying one thing and getting a free item on top of that.

Thursday, 11. May 2017, 12:44

Author: Ereshkigal

Level 90 jumping potion question!

The box is the potion and armor, you can open the box on 1 character and put the potion in storage to move to another. You will keep the sp you make before you use the potion and it gives enough sp to max skills to level 90.

Thursday, 15. December 2016, 14:38

Author: Ereshkigal


Quoted from "ANGEL." I'm curious about same, because I've got 5 accounts, and during the previous events It was fine. Based on what the post said you can only fill up the wishlist on 1 account otherwise you'll get in trouble.

Saturday, 29. October 2016, 04:56

Author: Ereshkigal

Calling all Fansite makers! Do you have the gift?

My website: Last Chaos Fansite - Home Alvin - LC USA

Friday, 30. September 2016, 04:45

Author: Ereshkigal

Master Merchant.

You can become a merchant after levels 50-55 by getting 20 mil Sio affinity.

Saturday, 13. August 2016, 14:16

Author: Ereshkigal

Suggestion | Merchant skill changes.

Quoted from "Shalafi" It's unfair that old characters can't be merchant. I agree with you, even paying the current price for merchant skill it's a good idea. You can farm 20mil Sio Affinity and become a merchant on a character that is out of the level range requirement.

Sunday, 24. July 2016, 03:02

Author: Ereshkigal

Suggestion for events

There was never a 400% upgrade event it is either 150% or 200%. We just recently had a 12+ hour jewel fusion event and double exp as well. Your second to last sentence is part of the reason we don't have them as often anymore since people were only playing for the events.

Tuesday, 28. June 2016, 14:20

Author: Ereshkigal

Problem with LC after an error.

Is anyone else having a problem where LC defaults to fullscreen after an error report or sometimes a DC? It has happened to me a few times and I have to restart my computer to get it back to windowed mode. The game doesn't load in fullscreen it crashes so I need it to be windowed.

Thursday, 26. May 2016, 21:57

Author: Ereshkigal

Trojan Detected in Game Client

These are false positives they are not trojans and from what I hear Norton is big on thinking LC is a virus.

Sunday, 20. March 2016, 04:08

Author: Ereshkigal

Reward/Item Mall Problem.

Quoted from "warcal22" Hello, I have had a problem receiving my "Deep Blue Rune Of Protection" which protects gear from +15-+19 instead of breaking. I have a silver membership on the rewards page, and when I purchased that item with 539 cash; it did not give me the item as a "gift" or "item mall inventory" . As of now the item is still missing and I was really hoping I would get the item before tomorrows 'upgrade event". Thanks. (in game name is TheBananaMan) It goes to Mysterious Statue.

Saturday, 12. March 2016, 06:39

Author: Ereshkigal

93x3 30% crit 60 cd acc

Acc is sold.

Friday, 11. March 2016, 05:18

Author: Ereshkigal

93x3 30% crit 60 cd acc

PM me offers on forums or ingame on I5 on Hattie.

Thursday, 25. February 2016, 19:18

Author: Ereshkigal

Game Map

Nairat(tarian backwards) is bloodymir and Mooraska is Mondshine.

Sunday, 21. February 2016, 22:36

Author: Ereshkigal

Weapon boxes


Saturday, 20. February 2016, 21:37

Author: Ereshkigal

Question about 100% cash back

Quoted from "Vilya" Hello again! The issue was found and items will be sent out soon! Thank you all very much for alerting us and waiting patiently while we resolved it. Got my cash back, thanks Vilya.

Friday, 19. February 2016, 22:19

Author: Ereshkigal

Question Regarding Status

Vilya thank you for passing this along to the higher ups I hope that they will reconsider the amount of loyalty points it takes to get certain items. Another thing I would like to point out is that we were told this would be full of items that people want the most but I don't see many people wanting horse transformation cards or pink drake eggs/blue pan flutes why are these in there and for such ridiculously high point amounts? With the way it is now I much prefer the old tier system.

Friday, 19. February 2016, 00:39

Author: Ereshkigal

Question Regarding Status

Quoted from "Carackas" To the complainers:...This stuff is free folks. Stop picking it apart. I trust if the system is creating some legitimate injustice it will be corrected. Let the powers that be know what your perceived injustice is without all the negative rhetoric. . Negative comments really don't help and tends to make it look like efforts to provide this kind of "thank you" to the players as not being appreciated. I know we have been waiting a while for this promised system however, it ...