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Sunday, 7. January 2018, 22:10

Author: HaloCobra

name suggestion

I was thinking along the lines of maybe The Forsaken Spirit of the NightShadow feel free to criticize it and suggest your own

Sunday, 7. January 2018, 18:06

Author: HaloCobra

[Content]Adding a boss

At the end of the Trivia Valley, there's Fluton and Patriarch Botis. but down the trail with the spirits, there is only raging spirits of the sorcerer and every class you can play, but one, im suggesting that the developers maybe add a NightShadow spirit at the end as a boss to even everything out.

Sunday, 7. January 2018, 17:50

Author: HaloCobra


You may want to post your server too.

Wednesday, 27. December 2017, 20:41

Author: HaloCobra

Pandora's Box

Bring back Pandora's box? Yay or Nay

Friday, 22. December 2017, 23:22

Author: HaloCobra

My Xmas story

3 years ago me and my siblings woke up on December 25 like any old normal Xmas we go wake up our parents and run and jump down stairs, tripping over each other to get to see how many presents we have. My parents always set our presents up by our age me no the far right since i'm the oldest my brother then my sister, i look at where my presents are and only see a envelope, we open our presents like normal youngest to oldest. When it came my turn i opened it inside it said something like "Hi son, ...

Thursday, 7. December 2017, 21:34

Author: HaloCobra

Countdown to Christmas post thread!

You click on the photo thing and copy the link there

Monday, 9. October 2017, 22:08

Author: HaloCobra


I think there should be separate tabs on the rankings to rank the people who have used jump boxes. I'm not meaning take them off completely just make a tab to show their rank without disrupting the players who worked hard to their level not if they had the money.

Wednesday, 13. September 2017, 00:01

Author: HaloCobra

WTS TK Soul skill book

temple knight, sword and shield, soul skill book for sale on The Horizon server for 400mil ~~ChaosCobra, RedNamed Recruiter

Saturday, 9. September 2017, 03:32

Author: HaloCobra


X300X Headed by exbae I am the guild's recruiter. We are on Horizon lvl 25 and almost full of members but we are always accepting new players. 60 days inactive I have been told to kick the member, so be active and have fun. have a question ask and we'll do out best to help you. We are currently the owners of dratans castle We are no longer DC owners

Thursday, 7. September 2017, 22:36

Author: HaloCobra


give me a time to get on and ill add you to it its not really an active guild i could add you to a more active one im in on another char

Monday, 4. September 2017, 18:55

Author: HaloCobra

Sp from apprentices to guardians

The sp gain from apprentices amounts to nearly nothing. I think it should be raised.

Sunday, 3. September 2017, 07:05

Author: HaloCobra

where to sp farm a ns or 100+ char

Where could I sp farm my NS I've been told at the heretic at the horn of power but idk if its the best for farming.

Saturday, 2. September 2017, 23:23

Author: HaloCobra

Back to school

Everyone remembers they're school life. Whether it was they're first day as a freshman at the high school, or they're last day as a senior. Those days being shoved into a building with people of your age group was a magical time, whether you thought that a was prison, or it was a paradise, you remember it; those key facts are what you should remember; your first crush, your first heartbreak, that class you failed and gave a summer for, or the evil teacher that failed you. Or if you were a straig...

Thursday, 27. July 2017, 18:37

Author: HaloCobra

male and female player models

with classes having male and female player models itd make the game seem like another game from gamingo

Thursday, 20. July 2017, 05:40

Author: HaloCobra

ChaosControl Horizon USA

ChaosControl is headed by my ExR and my Close apprentices currently an lvl 6 guild Reply here or PM me in the forums

Thursday, 20. July 2017, 05:36

Author: HaloCobra


I agree but you also would have to think of the extra difficulty in it not only for the programmers but for the players, the ns need already nearly 250k sp adding dual classes to it would make you need to farm more and more