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Sunday, 10. December 2017, 00:08

Author: MitsGr

Countdown to Christmas post thread!

My awfull hand made picture!!!

Saturday, 17. June 2017, 15:37

Author: MitsGr

What some affinity boxes contain?

Was wondering what Jinarr's Bunch of Processed Goods and Bunch of Trophies of Trivia Valley have chance to give? I was checking Oscar Affinity and the shop have chance for reward that 2 boxes..But what they have inside?

Wednesday, 14. June 2017, 09:34

Author: MitsGr

Power level items.

Ty all for your answer..I think i got it!!!!

Tuesday, 13. June 2017, 18:49

Author: MitsGr

Power level items.

If i use a pbi,a expb and a 500% exp spell how much exp i can get?I really comfused with the spells.

Wednesday, 11. January 2017, 09:52

Author: MitsGr

Horrizon section.

I would love Horrizon have hes own section and not mixed up with Initus.

Thursday, 25. August 2016, 15:29

Author: MitsGr

Wtb 116+15 set

Ι got a 105-116 b5e +13 with cc5 and full jeweled for mage.If you interest make a offer here.

Friday, 19. August 2016, 01:43

Author: MitsGr

Guild Language Resource

Totaly agree with you.It no need to be a GM.They can also be players that wanna be helpfull.