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Tuesday, 22. May 2018, 21:13

Author: Mendek

P2 Pets Stats?

Remember that Diesel can wear animal type pet armor which can considerably increase it's survivability.

Tuesday, 22. May 2018, 17:17

Author: Mendek

P2 Pets Stats?

I believe he meant that pets can't keep up with him when he's all buffed P2 mounts can still use 'generic' skills like attack and pick. I've used evo 2 Popenian (speed: 17) for looting. Swift Horse Diesel should be even better with speed of 30.

Thursday, 10. May 2018, 22:15

Author: Mendek

Cleric Bless skill prolonged

You're missing one thing. Cleric's '60 minutes, 5 Stone of Wise' buff is Whisper of Water.

Monday, 30. April 2018, 21:55

Author: Mendek

A balance to the classes

Quoted from "Vilya" 3) We make Skills great again! One of the biggest and most important things that we are doing currently, is working on skills. Ours as well as those in the game Because skill balance is a really huge and difficult thing to do, this will happen in smaller steps and may be adjusted several times. The policy for this work: Do not downgrade or nerf things ... we hope this works. We will be decoupling some skills from their elemental buffs. We will remove some unwanted side effec...

Sunday, 8. April 2018, 14:35

Author: Mendek

Did'nt get what i payed for.

Quoted from "crushykins" Update the funds are in my g-account and I don't know how to use them. Buy cash as usual and choose G-account payment. 301 Moved Permanently

Monday, 29. January 2018, 23:22

Author: Mendek

+1 Socket Promotions

How much do I have to spend to have promotions-on-demand?

Monday, 8. January 2018, 00:05

Author: Mendek

[Content]Adding a boss

Black Missionary Tion template would suit well. Just make up some name, lower his level to 137, make him give more exp, less sp and Sin Killers affinity points instead of Union of Sio. And maybe change his healing buff to something else.

Sunday, 7. January 2018, 21:15

Author: Mendek

returning player

Quoted from "King Knight" i could log in to my gamigo but not in game When you're logged on Gamigo website click 'my gamigo'. All your game account details will be listed and you can change your in-game password there.

Sunday, 24. December 2017, 20:42

Author: Mendek

box of liege

Quoted from "sdave74" I saw where it said only 1 wishlist per isp to prevent multi accounts... I had my wish list put in ... and the wife put hers in too.. dont know if that is against the rules or not... but we are both two separate players. If there are two or more persons playing from a single IP Gamigo should be informed about that. Just contact support explaining the situation and everything will be fine.

Monday, 18. December 2017, 18:56

Author: Mendek

Turkish gm

Vilya is on vacation and her inbox is blocked until she returns on December 26 You can still PM someone else from The Team.

Sunday, 3. December 2017, 17:10

Author: Mendek

sp after changing dual class

If you have enough gold you can also do repeatable quest 'Cleansing the Temple' until level 75. It can be done quickly in monster combo, each completion will give you 50 SP.

Wednesday, 26. July 2017, 22:46

Author: Mendek

Golden Treasure Chest

As far as I know it goes like this: Wooden Treasure Key x1Perfect Moon Stone x1Good Moonstone x1Jewel Box lvl 3 x1Jewel Box lvl 4 x1Golden Token x2Monster Mercenary Card Holder (1h) x1Desire of Sacred Tree (accessory) x1Medium Medicine x5Experience Potion x1Swift Horse Diesel x1Chaos Smelting Stone x1

Tuesday, 13. June 2017, 22:30

Author: Mendek

Power level items.

Quoted from "Bran" base 100% + bi 100% + snowman 100% + exp scroll 50% + cake 30%= 380% of exp Wrong. Bonuses don't sum up, but are multiplied according to their total item % value when used alone (BI adds 100%, so it's total is 200%). Base 100% (1) x bi 200% (x2) x snowman 200% (x2) x exp scroll 150% (x1.5) x cake 130% (x1.3) = 780%, which is way above max limit. CP + PBI is 150% (1.5) x 300% (x3) = 450% (x4.5) Edit: Here are some examples how you can mix boosters with various spells. 300 exp ...

Tuesday, 13. June 2017, 19:12

Author: Mendek

Power level items.

Boosters don't count towards the limit (like e.g. DT), so you don't need spells. PBI (300%) with boosters (400%) gives you total 1200% exp (values multiply).

Saturday, 10. June 2017, 14:20

Author: Mendek


Books of melding are obsolete. Covers are now applied directly on toon (like C2 costumes) and if you want extra upgrade you need to use platinum refining stone. If you have unused books of melding you can exchange them for PRS at Transmuter in Juno.

Saturday, 26. November 2016, 00:14

Author: Mendek

[Problem] New Win 10 Creative - build. LC crashing my PC

Try running as Administrator with Windows XP SP3 compatibility.

Wednesday, 16. November 2016, 16:08

Author: Mendek

Spawn points

If your character's level is still below 31 complete all tutorial quests. If it's 31 or above, well, guess you're stuck at the Burbank Mills.