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Sunday, 5. August 2018, 17:19

Author: divataroza

"All pets can wear pet armor" question

I was in quiz today and was wearing my new reading glasses. This question came up again and there was no P2 in it. Sorry I could not get a screen shot. Next quiz I attend I'll have the Snipping tool running.

Tuesday, 19. June 2018, 02:26

Author: divataroza

Moonstone Boxes Challenge

Not yet. Here is the original post…&threadID=54601

Thursday, 14. June 2018, 21:57

Author: divataroza

server down

I still get the "Failed to connect to login server." message. EDIT: Just reinstalled the client and I'm back in.

Thursday, 14. June 2018, 11:42

Author: divataroza

"Failed to connect to login server."

"Failed to connect to login server." Again?!?

Friday, 18. May 2018, 04:28

Author: divataroza

Trying to make sense of this

I was reading this topic: Non-transferable/deposit-able items. and one look at the results make me have a hope that this can happen :95% agree and 5% disagree - not even a close call. I even put my best reading glasses to make sure of the numbers, not just looking at the bar graph. Then I red the last statement: And I was like "WHAAAAT?!?" I admit that my English is not very good, but back when I went to school I had fair marks in Math so for me 95% of voters agreeing with the suggestion and 5% ...

Sunday, 8. April 2018, 17:20

Author: divataroza

"All pets can wear pet armor" question

On today's slow XO quiz question 11 was "All pets can wear pet armor". I went to the X = No and apparently i was wrong. Can someone tell me where can i buy armor for my pet drake?

Friday, 6. April 2018, 11:45

Author: divataroza

Laca ball for easter eggs

LacaBall is a better idea imo

Wednesday, 7. March 2018, 00:18

Author: divataroza

Royal Knight Immunity To Blind

it sux how they retroactively can change something that you already got. It is like you buy a Mercedes and a year later they swap it for a Kia and tell you that it is all right and it is actually better for you

Saturday, 27. January 2018, 16:44

Author: divataroza

Non-transferable/deposit-able items.

Quoted from "Resuwrecktion" Quoted from "Vilya" Hello, You can store them once you get merchant profession on your character. Merchant Profession Yeah I get that, but it just sucks for the characters that were already max level before the merchant profession came out, and it's even worse that some of us have to farm a crap ton of Sio affinity just for us to become merchants. I think there should be an option where people who were above the required level to become a merchant at the time of it's...

Sunday, 14. January 2018, 15:07

Author: divataroza

Are the old event calendars coming back?

It would be nice to see some of the old events coming back. It is kind of boring to see same events copy and paste from week to week. Probably you should put that in the Suggestions and make it a poll.

Saturday, 6. January 2018, 23:54

Author: divataroza

new player

Thank you dinosue2 for correcting my English. I apologize if i scared someone with my opinion. I do not have have 3 capped toons - only one and the second is only 3 levels away from cap, and that is a result of playing for 10 years without power level or spending cash. I started the game because I red that it was free to play and I chose by my free will to play it that way. I explored the maps of Juno, Dratan and Merac in full and enjoyed the PvE. But at one point the grinding (if we refer back ...

Wednesday, 20. December 2017, 00:10

Author: divataroza

[Suggestion] Extended Profession System

I would like to vote "Yes" as long as players are not discriminated in any way as it was and it still is with the merchant profession

Saturday, 16. December 2017, 21:49

Author: divataroza

Santa Claus Fragments

Greetings all! Between 2 toons at different levels, grinding on different mobs i gathered the following amount of Santa Claus Fragments: Fragment 1 - 22 pieces, Fragment 2 - 98 pieces, Fragment 3 - 74 pieces, Fragment 4 - 59 pieces, Fragment 5 - 63 pieces, Fragment 6 - 61 pieces, Fragment 7 - 49 pieces, Fragment 8 - 63 pieces, Fragment 9 - 0 pieces. Is this just my bad luck or the Fragment 9 (the one with the gift) is really hard to drop?

Sunday, 26. November 2017, 06:51

Author: divataroza

safe stone

use them quick, before they follow the fate of the MS

Sunday, 26. November 2017, 06:49

Author: divataroza

Question about current events

Quoted from "Fulminar" Hi all, Even if there is a "800% jewel fuse" event please do not forget the chances of downgrade do not change so you can still get lower level jewels. Not forgetting what you wrote above, I just want to mention that before when there were 600% events I newer, EVER got a lvl 1 jewel when fusing 3 lvl 1 jewels. With this 800% event I got lvl 1 jewels multiple times. On the first one I thought it jumped to lvl 6, but then when I got couple more lvl 1s I realized that someth...

Friday, 24. November 2017, 08:14

Author: divataroza

How about a Fix for the monsters going behind walls and in the floors

Are you kidding!?! If they fix the wall/ceiling/sky hugging mobs they will remove half of my frustration with this game. Now if they restore the tab select to work as designed (they have X-trap now so no more bot excuses) they will remove the other half of my frustration and what will keep me away from the game. Before you know I'll be playing in full swing again.

Tuesday, 26. September 2017, 22:12

Author: divataroza

Chaos Balls[Suggestion]

Better yet - make them open with double click.

Wednesday, 13. September 2017, 22:07

Author: divataroza

Another ninja change!

Unannounced in advance, unexpected and devastating! Can anyone tell me why it was necessary to swap the burbank and randol knight affinities?!? I worked on the randol knight to open the shop to have a chance for a LSSs. Now after all that time that choice was stolen from me (and for many more), just when the LSSs become more useful than before. When people's efforts to open Kerom shop were sherded to useless when the scrolls were nerfed it was explained that it was bad for pvp, people abusing is...

Friday, 23. June 2017, 00:23

Author: divataroza

Affinity medal

Thanks, I'll check it out when I get back ingame.