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Thursday, 11. October 2018, 08:46

Author: PwndwithStyle

Game randomly crashing...

Do you use AdwCleaner? it can result in a false detection and Xigncode will close the game with this error message. Try to deactivate your antivirus and try to start the game

Wednesday, 10. October 2018, 09:38

Author: PwndwithStyle

I redownloaded last chaos recently,figured out my character is deleted

Hi you can contact the Support for this case i have a bad feeling what happened there but i hope they can help you

Tuesday, 9. October 2018, 23:46

Author: PwndwithStyle

I redownloaded last chaos recently,figured out my character is deleted

Hi sorry to hear this but did you tried all Servers? maybe he is on a other Server but you can contact the support for it i mean at least you can try

Tuesday, 9. October 2018, 04:24

Author: PwndwithStyle

pet question

Yes it works but you need Pumpkins with are only dropable during the event.

Sunday, 12. August 2018, 08:41

Author: PwndwithStyle

logging out to chose character

already reported lets hope for a quick patch cause i know how anoying it is (mostly for channel Jumping )

Friday, 27. July 2018, 09:31

Author: PwndwithStyle

Landing Pad - Health Pad

disagree its not game Breaking and in Juno you already have a boost and iam sure it dont hurt to wait 10sec

Wednesday, 25. July 2018, 07:39

Author: PwndwithStyle

Logout Screen

Hi This Bug is already noticed and will be patched soon (Maybe today haha=) have a great day

Friday, 20. July 2018, 13:22

Author: PwndwithStyle

Bring back the good old days

Hi there is so much to do i know exectly what you mean but we never know one day something will happen ( fingers crossed ) making Gold is not that hard ( there are a lot of Events wich can be used for it ) one thing i will never forget is the party in the tomb with 4 or 5 or even more level 50+ charakter to kill a zombie but like every game it needs to go forwards not backwards so i wish LC even more great years

Thursday, 8. February 2018, 02:44

Author: PwndwithStyle

Quest glitched?

Hello, you can buy it from a npc in mondshine idk wich exectly it is there were the merchants are there is one box (i think it cost 5kk) and if you open it you get the missing item to fight basula again i hope you will finish him now! Regards pwnd