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Wednesday, 17. January 2018, 01:57

Author: ragecage73

new player friendly

some of us are some i won't mention names but they know who they are aren't it's an explore and figure it out kinda thing

Wednesday, 17. January 2018, 01:49

Author: ragecage73

fox tails

couple of quests at around 31 or 32 i believe sending you to fox to kill also death goddess quest at 31 (quest details for that one are at the royal guard captain in dratan) is in an area highly populated also with fox as well as getting to the death goddess in dratan

Sunday, 14. January 2018, 17:46

Author: ragecage73


guild name ImpactPlayers who leads us: ImmortalLass but the leadership can be fluid depending on our needs who our guild advisors are: currently BlueDevil and SummonerShiva where we can be found: initus server usually channel 2 some of our members include: the dreaded duo of SaintSinister and SolarSinger, the mistress of mystics Cammy, the hardcore icons GroundPounder and NightMask recently reunited with us from our days as DragonBreed from the aeria days on katar, sarissa and c-server we are al...

Sunday, 14. January 2018, 05:47

Author: ragecage73

jail on i2

could have been the jailbreak event or holdovers from it sometimes the monsters stick around if they aren't killed durring the event