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Wednesday, 12. August 2015, 18:05

Developers Corner

This may seem like a very odd suggestion but I would like to put this ball into play and see if it scores anything.

How about a Developer/Programmer Corner.
These kind of games are not only fun to play but they are fascinating works of art. Would it be to far a field to have an experienced programmer or game developer have a small spot on the forum to answer questions about this kind of programming to give players more insight and appreciation for this art form. And also to be kind of a resource for those who may be entertaining the idea of one day going into that kind of career.
I think the more informed we are about what it takes to maintain and develope games like this the less likely we will complain about things that cannot be changed or modified. I think it may also help make for better more intelligent suggestions.
Now, I think that if this is something that could be tried, the questions would have to be screened. I would hate to see this become a platform for complaints, or morph into a help desk kind of thing.

Just a thought. If this has already been tried in the past ...then excuse me...I am many times late to the :)

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Wednesday, 12. August 2015, 18:09

There are particular sorts of forums for that specifically, this is not one of them.

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