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Thursday, 6. October 2016, 08:52

[Suggestion] LC Trading card game

Since this game has alot of items, monsters spells how about making a minigame inside this game

my suggestion is creating a Creating a card game where players can challenge each other inside the game.

info about the card based games
The Reason of card games is to set the other Player HP to 0, once the HP reaches 0 the game ends, when the game starts both players will have 10.000 HP, nd adeck of around 40-60 cards(which are acquired through the game, by doing quests, raids, drops, etc).

A card games are turn based games, the flow of the game is:
- Draw -> Main Phase -> Battle Phase -> Second Phase -> End Turn
- Who goes first or second is selected by arock paper scissor between the two player, or a dice throw by the 2 players(the one who wins will select which turn he goes).

Besides the workflow there is a graveyard and the discard deck
- If a monster was defeated in battle it is sent to the graveyard
- If a spell or trap card was activated and its effect has finished it will be sent to the discarded deck
- If a player uses a resurrect spell or uses a monster with resurrect ability it has the option to revive a monster from the graveyard, and send it to the players hand or field.
- same goes with spels

On Draw Phase:
The player draws a card from the deck

On Main Phase:
- The player can summon a monster in Attack or Defense mode
- The player can also set trap cards(stuns, poisonong, etc)
- The player can also set Spels (increasing attack, gives Hp to the user, increasing defense)
- There are higher level monsters/ spels/ traps that requires another monster/ spell/ to be sacrificed/ discarded from hand to be summoned
- there are monsters that can be combined to create stronger monster for battle

Battle phase:
- Once a monster is summond in attack mode, and another player attacks your monster, for example your monster has 1800 attack and he attacks with amonster that has 1400 attack, the other player will suffer 400 damage and the monster send to the gaveyard.
- Depending on the spell/ trap, some spells activate during battle phase, like negating attacks
- A monster summoned / set indefense mode will defend the other monster attack and the diference of the monster attack and your monster defense will not be go to your HP
- You can also have direct attack if the oponent does not have anything to protect himself

Second phase
- The second phase is like main phase you can do after battle (summon/ set monsters, set spells, activate spells/ traps),.
- once a monster is summoned in main phase you can not summon another monster in the second phase

End Turn
- Ends your turn

There are cards that lets you draw another card from the deck or select a lower level monster from the deck, after you selected the lower level monster from the decks the deck is shuffled.

Also for not being AFK in a game, there is a timer that counts down from 20-30 minutes down for each player when his turn start, until the end of his turn.

That is most of it.

My suggestion is to implement a minigames engine inside LC, for p[layer to gather cards, to make their deck, or multiple decks, once they have enough cards they can challenge other players, if they accept,

They could make a tournament inside the game with this, even rankings.

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Thursday, 6. October 2016, 12:50

It's already exist you concept feel like M:tg (Magic:The Gathering)

there's no place like
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Thursday, 6. October 2016, 13:38

MTG is nice but i guess he wants to make a Yu Gi Oh game with LC monstes,

Trapcards, spellcards,defense position, 10 000 HP... pretty much Yugioh.

MTG has only 20 LP and no defense position. Instant, Sorcery, Artifacts, enchantment... much more strategy.

The Idea sounds funny but not needed in the world of MMo. There are plently of other games for TCG.

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