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Monday, 19. June 2017, 16:16

A Skill Points Guide (to New Players)

Skill Points Guide

In this guide we will go over the best
places to farm Skill Points
and the best levels to do so.

1st of all and before anything else,
for the most efficient Skill Point farming you will want to kill White
Named mobs (This applies to all mobs same level as you or 2 levels above/below)
but not only, as now you can get as much Skill Points Experience income from
Red named mobs as from white named ones. (Monster information - Last Chaos - Guides & Information)

Level 10-12: At this level you will have the
fastest, cheaper and easiest way of doing Skill Points. This is the 1st
major moment on which you can gather Skill Points for the actual and upcoming
skills. On this level you will want to kill Sasquatches as these give a little
over 23.200 Skill Points Experience using Elizabeth’s Buff (only able on
sub-server 2) or over 26.400 Skill Points Experience using a Platinum Super
Skill Pill. (Additional Info: 10.000 Skill Points Experience equals to 1 Skill

Level 17-32: On these levels you can farm in
Prokion Temple (Dratan), you will get about 12.000 Skill Points Experience for
each kill, using Elizabeth’s Buff again.

Level 60-77: Once you have reached this level
you will want to go to Temple of Forgetfulness (Dratan) not only because it is
a good leveling spot but also for being a good Skill Point Farming spot. Now,
we want to make some Skill Points and try not to level up so we can gather the
most at these levels. You can lock your experience to 100% at level 59, so you
can still use Elizabeth’s Buff, or at level 60 and use a Platinum Super Skill
Pill and go inside the 1st room of spiders, kill them, and come back
out then go inside again, repeat… (This is also the best way and place to level
up a P2 Pet, so if you’ve got one make sure you equip it while you are at it) (Pets - Last Chaos - Guides & Information) On this level range of 60-77 you
will obtain a decent amount of Skill Points Experience at any mob, specially
the Boss mobs (Blood Terrain and Erebus)

Level 96: When you reach this level you are
going to need a fellowship party in order to be able to enter Akan Temple HARD
(egeha), as this is a Raid. Inside you will find most mobs to be level 96
(white named mobs…) and all of them give decent to good amounts of Skill Points
Experience, specially the Bosses!

Level 100: You have 2 ways of making a VERY
nice amount Skill Points here. One is trough Veteran’s Quests which (Using
Platinum Super Skill Pill) gives 3.000 Skill Points! OR you can ask for help
from a high level player and do rounds of Cube, there you will need to kill the
Cube Boss to get 100 Skill Points per kill (or 300 using Platinum Super Skill

Level 102-103: After hitting level 102 you have
one new main skill, meaning more damage! Here, at this level, you will find a
good spot to farm Skill Points inside Tomb of Theos (Dratan). Go inside (You
have to pay a small fee to do so) and explore it. You will want to find Ancient
Grey Mummies and Ancient Screaming Zombies as these are the ones where you will
get a decent to good amount of Skill Points Experience from. Notice now that
these mobs take longer to kill and will be even harder in higher levels, so get
yourself a highly upgraded weapon to make it faster.

Level 115: Hecate! A Boss monster in
Bloody-mir (Vladimir, entrance is trough Merac) which is going to give you
nearly 150.000 Skill Points Experience (15 Skill Points) per kill, using
Platinum Super Skill Pill.

After this there is a “Gap” where you can do
more Skill Points with Mondshine Daily quests reward OR wait for later to grind
better and faster Skill Points…

Level 175+: Here you can farm amazing Skill
Points in Ramslo’s Raid (Tarian’s Prison) up to cap level (185), this is a good
strategy if you lost while dyeing/haven’t gotten enough Skill Points previously
to max out all your skills or simply didn’t want to bother before worrying
about it. Either way, whatever might have been the situation, you will be
getting amazing Skill Points at this level, so do not worry anymore about it as
at this moment you will be at cap level so please enjoy the game J

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Monday, 19. June 2017, 16:40

Just a slight addition - in Bloody-Mir, as well as Hecate (lvl 115 gives 11,000sxp) you have Aguares (lvl 117 gives 16500sxp) Moloch (lvl 125 gives 16500sxp), Manzazuu (lvl 125 gives 11000sxp) Bael (lvl 127 gives 16500sxp) and finally Leviathan (lvl 129 gives 27500sxp)Caugsmire

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Tuesday, 20. June 2017, 04:57

You also left out Lust Trum 90-100 there are a few Elite mobs in there with elevated sp
and Fluton at 136

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Tuesday, 20. June 2017, 18:43

One of the best SP farming spots for Level 100-105 is Cube. Whilst the individual might not be able to run it themselves, if they are willing to pay someone, this is a nice place to PSPF (power SP farm) if there's such a thing. The boss at the end of the stage gives a decent amount of SP (1,500 SP) with pssp, 1 spb and sp scroll. A decent Wizard or NS should be able to wipe Cube in 15 minutes so that's potentially 6K SP per hour.

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