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Monday, 11. June 2018, 12:05

Seeing P2 pets skills cooldown on bar

Is there a way I can see the cooldown of my P2 pets on the hot bar? I have 3 Jags so I can have Cheer on all the time, but I find it hard to remember which Jag I used last, and often have to start opening them one by one until one of them gives me the buff, and when surrounded by mobs, it often leads to one of them dying. If there isn't a way to do so, don't you guys think it could be a nice quality of life improvement? I can't be the only one struggling because of this.

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Monday, 11. June 2018, 19:33


If you feel this is a useful update, then please create it into suggestion form using a poll in the correct forum and see if your fellow Irisians feel the same way.

Happy gaming.

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