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Tuesday, 2. February 2016, 20:20

X-Trap - What's the benefit?

X-Trap and its use

Implementing X-trap to the game was alwayssomething that player’s had a critical eye on and even now, not all of them have accepted its existence. Most are against it because of the problem it brings while starting certain programs or its apparent uselessness.

X-Trap is a hack shield which is designed toblock the starting of the game if other programs are active which are trying to access to the game in an unusual matter, like bot programs, multiple hack tools etc., and unfortunately quite often programs which are “harmless”. But X-Trap
needs to be quite sharp, to detect all unwanted programs.

Of course the usage of hack tools, bots etc. is forbidden by the general business terms, but unfortunately no one of the user really cares for those lines, because the usage of a hack tools needs to be proven to be banned, and as we’re always told – no one really gets banned for this. :P

To preserve our players from doing note very smart things which they will regret later, we would like to block the usage of hack tools through x-trap.

Of course those efforts are sometimes more or less fruitless, depending on which loophole could be fixed, and which one is still open or was newly opened. The programmers of such tools have a great interest in presenting their goods working and in a best way possible, since the users are often paying a little moola to have it working. Naturally a certain person with a criminal energy and knowledge for codes and scripts is included, too.

One thing needs to be made clear: behind X-trap stands the corporation WiseLogic, which has limited resources of manpower, time and money and simply can’t fix loopholes in the system in real time, since they need to patch a very own version of X-trap for each and every game they’re caring for.

An x-trap update for game XYZ doesn’t simply work with, for example Last Chaos.

But why do we want to block those programs in the first place?

Games are made to be played. They should encourage the competition between players and of course, bring us as a publisher a certain amount of money. If ours players are happy we’re happy too.

But, if PvP just means to be the best in using the hack-program the right way and not knowing how to play the character, or leveling characters and pets in a fully automatic way, than that doesn’t mean gaming and playing for me.

If I can reach anything by pressing the button, without worries about equipment, pets, my character and anything else – what is left for having fun? Which purpose I have left? What goals I still can reach?

For me Last Chaos is a game, were you can get a lot by “working hard” to reach what you want. You can’t have anything at once, since it takes time to level a character, upgrade the gear, and rise to the top. To be happy about overtaking a friend in level, to be the better one in the arena, to work together with the guild to reach the mutual (in-game) goals.

But those kinds of things are destroyed by hackers, cheater and others of the same kind. Those kinds of players are eating a lot of resources for protection, persecution, examination and so on. Resources, which can be used for other things.

A lot of players are leaving games because they stand a fair chance against cheaters and are frustrated in the process. A lot game content became invalidated because some user needed to exploit it. The in-game market gets destroyed if countless items and gold are generated through bugs, scripts and tools, which causes a great imbalance between the players. The most popular items are getting sold out and the prize rises to dimensions no normal player can afford. Some will have a monopoly on those items and are ruling the servers. Due to this a lot of players are getting frustrated and leaving the games, because they can’t and don’t want to afford it anymore.

That’s the reason why hack shields like x-trap are necessary and an important instrument in protecting our players, even though they might bring some mishaps in the process. Of course nothing is perfect, but without X-Trap it would be a lot worse, because even the smallest programs, scripts and tools could be implemented.

Therefore we’re quite happy to have X-Trap.

Best regards!
... written in German by Kesja (Community Manager of Last Chaos)
... English translation by Vilya (Community Manager of Last Chaos)
Community Manager EN/PL
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