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11.10.2016, 16:51

Event - Night of the spooky images

A few days before the Time of Fruits, Nuts and Pumpkins, we see every street corner changing with the season.
The rain and the leaves are falling, the sun is hiding herself behind the clouds and we take the thick winter coats out of the wardrobe.
With this season of year comes a day with Jack O’Lanterns, clattering skeletons, decorative spider webs and all kinds of costumes.
Of course we are talking about Halloween!

We are excited for this special day and want to get you in the right mood for it.
How can we do that in the best way? – Right, with an Event!
It’s not just a normal Event however. Beside the individual game internal fun, this year we will have an overall Halloween Event – that means that every one of our Games will run this same spooky Event.

What should you do? – It’s very easy.
Your task will be to make a Picture about the Halloween topic – how you do it and what you show on it, is your choice. You can draw it or design it with the Computer – be creative and surprise us.

There will be a winner for every Game (Place 1,2 or 3) instead of only overall combined for all games.
Each best Picture will be sent with a Newsletter to every gamigo Player on October 31, 2016 so everybody can see your creation.

You will also win something:
The first Place will get Item-Shop currency worth 5 EURO/USD and his own place in the Newsletter! Second and third places will receive a Halloween Bundle - complete with Halloween costume, Empty Baskets and Pumpkins to help get you started on your gathering!

Well, take your pens or computer mouse and show us your best idea.

When you are done with the Picture you can post it here: Event - Night of the spooky images latest on October 21, 2016 at 23:59 CET.

We are excited to see many different submissions and are curious for the results.

Your Last Chaos Team
Community Manager EN/PL
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