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Thursday, 11. January 2018, 16:31

Graphics Update, Bring back the Equal PVP, Another Siege!,


Hi all, just wanted to leave a thread about some features I think should consider adding and bringing back to the game.

1. Graphics update, a graphics update would lure players in and give a good first impression.

2. Bring back some originality with the class's to make the PvP and PvE balanced with out changing to much. The game has a good mechanic system however, The game isn't as balanced in PvP with all class's having equal power.

To do this I would have a mix of auto attack and skill based class's.

Ex-Ranger Ex-Sin / I wouldn't change a thing, keep these class's off skill based .

Arch wiz Reg Wiz/ I would amp up the damage, lower the cooldown amp up the hp or eva.

TK / Leave the same maybe give it a HP buff.

RK/ Bring back the old Tripple Bash animation, Rk's don't really have a good match up against Ex rangers/sin, they need to catch them and when they do they don't have a skill or auto attack that can match the damage output of a exrogue, bring back low cooldown and no animation and this would give the RK a even chance.

NS / Leave the same.

High lander War Master/ Give them more eva and an attack speed buff similar to bloodboil also a movement speed buff.

Arch Witch Reg Witch/ Leave the same

Cleric/ Hive her a HP + MP regeneration buff and amp up the eva

Archer / Lower the cooldown, Increase the healing done by her skills and amp the eva up a bit

Spec / Lower the cooldown, and amp the eva up more than other class's like it used to be so sorc equal in pvp

Ele / Lower the cooldown, Make those spirits OP! turn them into eva ele debuffing monsters, with new aoe skills attached to the element that can be used in the hot bar, and give ele some eva

Reg rogue/ Turn reg rogue into more of a tank rogue, Keep Reg ranger the same but for sin give it a HR or Eva Buff

Everything is mostly auto attacks now, and exranger/exsin have it over every other class in this area. The other class's were heavily reliant on their skills to own in siege or the arena, with the cool downs nerfd, no one really stands a chance against invisibility + dmg output+ attack speed.

Bring out another Siege!!!!

DCS and MCS isn't enough, it's the main focus apart from saving gold. Winning siege is one of the most satisfying achievements in the game.
Bring out another siege for one of the other maps! maybe even put a lvl cap on that siege so it's low lvl based pvp..

Please leave a comment below, Vilya I hope you see this post hun and leave a comment aswell <3
I understand that these ideas are bigger and easier said than done, I know certain people may not be 100% on this thread, or there could be an outcome better than I thought..

Music <3
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Thursday, 11. January 2018, 19:45

FAQ on making suggestions, each suggestion should be it's own post, please search in suggestions forum to see if a similar suggestion has already been made and give your fedback there.
About Suggestion forum and How to make a Poll

Suggestions forum:…ard&boardID=286

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