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Monday, 15. April 2019, 11:21

Author: jsimpson

now you have been kicked from server

I, too, have been getting frequent dc's and multiple times over error's. mostly when have mouse over inventory but majority come when rearranging inventory, at a npc, or Bianca. seems this all started when we went from the old client to the new one where we can have 2 accts up at the same time. also, when I get the errors 50% of the time, even tho I confirm the error and that acct goes away, logging back in I get last chaos is already running multiple accts so I have log active acct out, log bot...

Saturday, 19. January 2019, 18:58

Author: jsimpson

More Hotbars

have played other games where a combination of skills can be done with 1 spot on hot bar. I agree that extra hot bars would probably take up too much room on the screen, but a combination on the present hot bars would be exceptionally helpful.

Wednesday, 10. January 2018, 00:57

Author: jsimpson

[Class]Royal Knight suggestions

ive always thought the rk with double weps should have a much higher hr than many of the other toons. sins, rangers, archers, and even warmasters have higher hr than rks. while true the rk cn increase hr with aoa that runs into mils when u use it constanly. the warmaster doesn't need a higer hr since he hits with much more power and the skill that increases his accuaracy and power. rk hr should also be higher than the sin and ranger. sins because they not have a faster attack but alos their crit...

Friday, 29. September 2017, 02:42

Author: jsimpson

latest rummage sale

I appreciate the rummage sale idea. however I do have a complaint. the last 2 ive seen where during the week. many of us have obligations such as school or more importantly work. Wednesday night I fell asleep shortly after 8p and woke ur at 10:30 finding a rummage sale going on. I went thru all the sales finding the ones I was interested in and stayed up til 1a. then for up at 5:30 and finding no other sales had activated. I had 3 that I was particularly watching. I had to be at work at 7 do lef...

Sunday, 4. December 2016, 18:11

Author: jsimpson

npc pricing

just one word...."sux." in game pricing adjust by itself accordingly. lower pricing on dropped items from npc make no difference in gear being sold. less from npc drops just means that every1, high lvls and low lvls get less. so where is the benefit? ones with loads of gold it wont bother them. they can buy items cheaper, meaning their gold reserves will go much further. those who have played regularly to get to high lvls , this is just a slap in the face. once, yrs ago, ariea did the same thing...