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Monday, 10. September 2018, 22:56

Author: Zorya


Hello Irisians, I will be leaving the team at this time. My life has become a little hectic and demanding. I wish you all the best in your gaming days! Take Care Zorya

Saturday, 14. April 2018, 19:11

Author: Zorya

Weekly GM Events - April 11th - April 17th

Rescue the GM is cancelled for today. Sorry for the missed events.

Saturday, 17. February 2018, 18:29

Author: Zorya

Love Letter to your Community Manager

I apologize that I never made a thread to post your Love Letters to your Community Manager! I will extend the event an extra week. Link to the Forum Event is below: Love Letter to your Community Manager Please keep the posts within the forum rules and on topic. Any posts that are against the rules or not on the topic will be deleted without warning. It also must be original and written by you.

Thursday, 8. February 2018, 05:14

Author: Zorya

Love Letter to your Community Manager

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Write a love letter to the Community Manager of the game you play. Example: Last Chaos US would write their letter to Vilya. All posts need: Ingame Name, Version and ServerPost your creations here: Love Letter to your Community Manager Event Example: Zorya, LCUS, Initus This Event will run from February 8th, 2018 at 00:01 EST to February 24th, 2018 at 23:59 EST. We will post the winners by March 3rd, 2018 at 23:59 EST(5:59 CEST) Prizes: Best Letter: 2 e...

Thursday, 28. December 2017, 20:19

Author: Zorya

when will the IC tokens return ???

We do not know at this time when they will return. There will be information released when they do return. Thank You.

Thursday, 7. December 2017, 19:44

Author: Zorya

Weekly GM Events - December 6 - December 12

Hello, Pet Hide and Seek will run at 4:15 EST due to unforeseen circumstances. My apologizes.

Friday, 14. July 2017, 02:07

Author: Zorya

Altar Quest Kills

Are you in a party with someone who has already done altar? Also try leaving party and remaking and see if that helps. As far as we are aware altar is not broken.

Sunday, 21. May 2017, 08:17

Author: Zorya

is there a calendar in game?

There is an ingame calendar but it doesn't work. So you can find all the events here:…oard&boardID=99

Thursday, 13. April 2017, 00:58

Author: Zorya

Chaos Bringer Title

We are aware and it has been reported to the proper channels. Thank you!

Wednesday, 29. March 2017, 19:48

Author: Zorya

Weekly GM Events - March 29 to April 4, 2017

Today will be Pet Hide and Seek at 4pm EST. Guess Who will run tomorrow at 3 PM EST. Thank You

Thursday, 23. March 2017, 01:45

Author: Zorya

Staff comunication with players (or the lack of comunication)...

I also apologize. I thought it just went to offline when I shut my laptop for the night. Mine will be logged out from now on.

Friday, 17. March 2017, 15:50

Author: Zorya

March 15 Patch

We are aware of the bug and its been reported. Thank You!

Friday, 10. February 2017, 23:36

Author: Zorya

Large Attack Potions Not working

We are aware that they are not working and its been reported. Thank You

Tuesday, 22. November 2016, 01:19

Author: Zorya

Account or character recovery

Hello, You will need to send a ticket in to recover your account. The link to Customer Support is in my signature part. Thank you.

Saturday, 29. October 2016, 02:00

Author: Zorya

attendance us servers

You'll have to get attendance done in between attacks.

Thursday, 27. October 2016, 21:32

Author: Zorya

GM Events October 21 - November 2, 2016

Pet Hide and Seek at 4:00pm EST will be cancelled today due to the DDoSing. My apologies!

Wednesday, 5. October 2016, 21:05

Author: Zorya

I seem to have lost a quick slot bar, any way to get it back? (solved)

Another option is going to Alt+Z , into option, down to setting and then reset.

Saturday, 1. October 2016, 05:40

Author: Zorya

Mention events in the calendar?

They do not work and that is why they aren't used at this time.