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Monday, 24. July 2017, 03:57

Author: Silvyrus

Upgrade Info Pls!

Welcome back! You can find the information you are looking for here: Upgrading equipment

Tuesday, 27. June 2017, 21:00

Author: Silvyrus


Adventurers of Iris, Greetings! I am Silvyrus, and very proud to be the newest TGM of the Last Chaos US team. Don't worry, I have happily been a member of the community since 2008/2009. I love helping and running events and decided it would be a good fit. I love the game and particularly the community and thought I would combine both passions. If you have any questions or concerns my door is always open. I check the forums regularly and I never mind a PM in-game. I hope to see you all very soon ...