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Monday, 20. August 2018, 16:57

Author: Dritix

Van <3

Quoted from "Cannon" k so heres what im going to do. i cant edit anything in the client. HOWEVER i can look at what has already been made then make an entirely new map from scratch that mirrors the feel of the existing LC maps as far as topology land marks so on. i wont be taking anything from the game or be editing anything in the game. if this place gets completed i think it should have an arena... just saying im putting thought into this. im already invested. even though i cant load it into ...

Saturday, 18. August 2018, 13:55

Author: Dritix

Yes you're right!

Quoted from "Cannon" i just want to start by saying im not surprised you and i are friends. i find your taste relatable on so many levels. dark, damp, Gothic architecture and cathedrals, demons, dead trees, black sand, blue fire.... am i in the ball park? im getting a mix of Sio, Akan and Straya mixed but a lot darker and waaaaay more evil oriented. im faced with a few issues. making these things is not the issue, i can do that. the problems i will face is testing them with the LC engine. i can...

Friday, 17. August 2018, 17:53

Author: Dritix


Quoted from "Cannon" ya know Dritix i have and know how to use SkaStudio i am fully capable for making a map for LC. i would need a lot of reference material though. things like the water, fog color, sky box color, fire color, architectural material as many pictures as you can give me, ideas for mobs and NPC, clothing, flora. i can also make .BM meshs and make .Tex textures. what im saying is i can make it but there is no promise Gamigo will use it or even look at it if i do so, it may turn out...

Wednesday, 15. August 2018, 16:42

Author: Dritix


Quoted from "Sneakyfoo" Quoted from "Sneakyfoo" Coming back to the game after a few years break, i'm really hyped to see that the game is still up and running.. the downside is the population isn't what it use to be.. my idea's are reasonably simple and would be a matter of changing a few values of code.. 1 - Drop rate Increase due to the lack of population, the current drop values need to be adjusted to better suit the current population, 200-300% increase maybe? the reason behind this idea is...

Wednesday, 15. August 2018, 16:39

Author: Dritix

Yep totally agree.

Quoted from "Wise" It would be nice if we have something like a roadmap, that includes a summary of plans, and gives us an overview of the plans for the future. Any given dates or features that are mentioned there should be taken as intentions, not as promises. It would give players the confidence - what is in development and what can bring the future. We deserve to know what they have planned for the game, after all it's us the last few that keep it alive, every other game has a roadmap or the...

Wednesday, 8. August 2018, 16:17

Author: Dritix

You're right!

Quoted from "The1AndOnly" i do like the idea tho the drop rate is far to good. 0.01% chance thats 1/10.000 so yea i do grind quite a bit and like to still do so but. im bored. i like this idea but to optain this would be far to easy. id say make last tier 1/50.000.000 drop rate. it has to be rare. it has to be unique. and special. tier 3 1/20.000.000 idk why 600m ? well why not its just a number still rare and unique right ? dont make haste option keep it attackspeed but +1 tier 2 1/1.000.000 l...

Sunday, 5. August 2018, 23:20

Author: Dritix

Yes you have a point

Quoted from "RosesForRaychael" If you can drop exp scrolls and effort scrolls,the valentine event will be useless. I mean, why would they bother picking up chocolate for scrolls if they drop by themselves? I voted no, personally i see nothing wrong with "junk drops" Around christmas time items like that might appear in a special lacaball,like drake eggs and panflutes do too. That is true, but understand that the experience scrolls and effort scrolls were just an example as i explained in the en...

Sunday, 5. August 2018, 23:11

Author: Dritix

Players bashing other peoples suggestions on purpose

As i have seen in several of the suggestion posts people tend to bash other peoples suggestions by creating a new account and voting no on purpose, i respect peoples opinion but they should have the respect and decency of voting once no on their main accounts and leave it be, it's like they are stuck in the past, they don't want change... people like this are troublesome, a quick solution would be make newly created forum accounts (10 days) more or less be unable to vote on ideas. Its frustratin...

Sunday, 5. August 2018, 21:12

Author: Dritix

Read again

Quoted from "dinosue2" I said no for the following reason only: Players who have never played LC before, or those starting 100% fresh have no gold to buy potions from the NPC and those items are vital to many new players. As for the Holy Water, I put the in storage and use them religiously on my new toons as I SP farm and go through ToF. Just because you choose not to use something, doesn't mean others also believe they are useless. If you read my suggestion correctly you would read that i said...

Sunday, 5. August 2018, 20:44

Author: Dritix

Remove junk item drops

Please consider removing "junk items" no one uses and that they have literally no use for example the "Holy water of strength" remove it and add something useful and helpful for example Experience scrolls or scrolls of effort... would help both low and high level players. About the potion drops... also consider removing the GREAT healing/Great mana potions from the +40 monsters drop table and adding the greatest healing and mana potions.. be cause past level 40+ the great healing potions are use...

Wednesday, 18. July 2018, 14:11

Author: Dritix

You're absolutely right!

Quoted from "Henrik" a merge and a new cap+new map is realy something i would look forward too might even bring some oldies back too Exactly my friend!

Wednesday, 18. July 2018, 14:08

Author: Dritix

I agree!

Quoted from "Picsousou" Hi ! I'm french player but i read your subject and is a very good idea ! This game really needs news ... because unfortunately it is disappearing We French players even proposed a fusion of servers so that everyone is on the same and that the battles are more alive! And then it would be great to see new heads Couldn't agree with you more! i really hope they merge the servers in the future too! the game would feel and look more alive than it currently is! But for now if t...

Wednesday, 18. July 2018, 03:24

Author: Dritix

All ready!

Quoted from "Vilya" Hi Dritix, Could you please expand on your ideas with some more detail, including boss you would like to see included. You've got a great start to your idea and it would be awesome to see it completely thought through and finished so I could pass it along. Thank you. The idea i have is all explained and players seem to like it, you can pass it along whenever you wish Vilya. Thank you.

Friday, 13. July 2018, 01:20

Author: Dritix

You're right!

Quoted from "PRIMEX" Whilst the idea of a completely new class sounds fun, I do believe that there is alot of work that can be still added with the current Class system. I'd like to see them work on a Third Class change system more than ever. Perhaps around level 150 - 160 where all the other classes gets to be like Ex Rogues and Arch Mages and NS gets its first class change (Warlock/Necromancer). That would add a bit more diversity to end game play or even be something to engage us beyond 185 ...

Thursday, 12. July 2018, 14:10

Author: Dritix


Quoted from "VanZen" Quoted Honestly I'd rather them work on the NS class and expanding them, and fixing the others, before making a completely new one. i like both of these ideas. +1 Thanks VanZen! Supportive like always, we need more open minded people like you!

Wednesday, 11. July 2018, 21:28

Author: Dritix

[New Class] The Slayer

Slayer ->Story : Spending all his youth in the depths on Margaduum Jail in Merac the slayer is skilled in extermination of both beasts and men. He is mastered in both the art of the whip and scythe, with his whip he lacerates the targets with deep cuts making them bleed out, with his sharp scythe he rends enemies limb from limb disabling their attacks and silencing them once and for all. ->idea : We all know how the succubus P2 pet has a unique weapon, that's right the whip she attacks with(see ...

Tuesday, 10. July 2018, 20:26

Author: Dritix


Quoted from "Surestrike" The biggest deterrent to that is the lack of people playing at various times of the day. That is why I don't think it should be impossible to solo just hard to solo. Perhaps the bosses could be smart bosses that switch from magic to physical depending on the weakness of the opponent or the bosses could go through attack and defense phases magical/physical/ranged (probably easier to program) Yes you're right, that is probably better, a mechanic like this would bring more...

Tuesday, 10. July 2018, 18:41

Author: Dritix


Quoted from "Surestrike" I like the thought of an Akan like dungeon. It was always a good place to grind. I think it needs to be like it was in the beginning...harder than it is now. It should be at least a decent challenge. Something that if you are good enough you could solo on occasion but, would work better with more than one. The lab in my opinion is just way too the point of being boring and the fact that the only thing you get out of it are ores and useless armor... perhaps you...

Tuesday, 10. July 2018, 17:30

Author: Dritix

One of the rare rewards from the boss

The talk about new gear is sensitive so let's avoid it, One of the rewards i was thinking for the boss is a Title with appropriate high stats called "Omnipresent" Once equipped it would make you character stand out to the crowd!(not as bright as a GM ofc) The glow would be a mixture of red and black, or just black flames coming out of the character.. Something mysterious and dark like that to match the dungeon boss!