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Tuesday, 26. July 2016, 13:36

Author: TySan

Suggestion for events

Quoted from "ANGEL." To 'TySan' Ppl didn't complain because of drop events , we all love them. I never said people are complaining. i basically said we need more of them but for low levels, to get gold circulating through the economy.and to give high lvl's a reason to buy items from low lvls... read next time.

Sunday, 24. July 2016, 21:59

Author: TySan

Events to help low lvl players make gold

Definitely need events that will give low lvl players items that high lvls will buy. The economy is stagnant because high lvls don't buy anything from low lvls they just suck money out of the economy on owl pills, this means no one has gold to afford to more expensive items. When a new players starts this game and looks in a merch and see's majority items worth 100m-5b and then they looks at there feed and see they get 20 gold a mob, that is incredibly daunting so no wonder a LEGIT new player th...

Wednesday, 20. July 2016, 09:10

Author: TySan

Wtb Lvl77 Mage Speedy Boots

I dont care if they aren't eva, pm me on here so we can arrange somewhere to meet ty

Monday, 18. July 2016, 18:07

Author: TySan

Wts Really Rare

Hello i am selling a lvl163-164 +18 - +20 with jewels, please pm TySan in I5 server so you can see it if interested Also WTB lvl77 Mage Speedies kind regards