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Thursday, 28. July 2016, 17:53

Author: RiseOfTheTriad

Suggestion: Inventory, Gold

Means for viewing Bianca Storage Inventory when not near her. At minimum provide status of gold in storage, i.e., Right Click / Hover over pile of Gold (and could be rounded to nearest million.

Friday, 8. July 2016, 23:49

Author: RiseOfTheTriad

Quest "Shaman Hallucina" issue or maybe miss-using

Shaman Hallucina in Bloody-Mir/Vladimir does not show a quest in her list when clicking on her only Direction and Cancel appear yet there is a big bad "Q" over her head. The day after tomorrow will eventually be the day before yesterday!!!! And because of that all will be well with the universe!!!!!

Friday, 8. July 2016, 23:41

Author: RiseOfTheTriad

Guardian System

Thank you everyone. Figured/assumed/tried/etc/agree with all of the responses.

Friday, 8. July 2016, 00:57

Author: RiseOfTheTriad

Guardian System malfuctioning

The Guardian System seems to be, and has been for some time, in need of some attention. Point being: I have had several new players attempt to select me from the list with the result that until this last attempt pick a guardian 1 or 2 lines above. Was able to thwart this inconsistency by adjusting the selection by just that number of lines. But this last time there did not appear to be any rhyme or reason to the actual selection based on the location relevant to the desired guardian. if this is ...

Sunday, 3. July 2016, 19:02

Author: RiseOfTheTriad

No one to party with?

It is not as funny as it may first soud. I am a player that has return after several years sabatical and finding out Gamigo took over. Previous there were a lot more people looking to adventure together in parties and fellowships but since returning to the game it is extremely difficult to find ANYONE wanting or willing to attend the MC, Aken, and others. Primarily, i believe because most players have become such high level that it is not worth it to/for them and new plays are not mentored and h...

Saturday, 18. June 2016, 19:34

Author: RiseOfTheTriad


Ii think a key factor in the game (for that matter) is consistency and real life action/interaction. By this I mean that monsters can shoot/walk through walls yet our shots and progress are restricted. We should be able to shoot OVER obstructions (rocks/boulders/walls/railings). I why can we not shoot through large gaps in walls and railings. Movement is also lacking in that items seem to have and infinite height and indeterminate width that one cannot click over/around even though line of sight...