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Tuesday, 24. April 2018, 01:03

Author: Welshsprout

An extra accessory slot

No. Why: - You start with this, next it is a slot for class specific acc's, then for ToF acc's, then monster combo acc's. Then someone will say why can't we have a P1 pet AND a P2 pet slot. Adding one slot to any section is going to start people asking for more slots in other sections, also what will it do to the game? Imagine there you are one level below the minimum for the extra slot and you are killing say 100 mobs per hour, then you level attach the extra acc and suddenly you are killing mo...

Wednesday, 18. April 2018, 16:44

Author: Welshsprout

Safe Socket scrolls broken with latest patch?

Quoted from "SilentArrow" Did the latest patch break the Safe Socket Scrolls, the scrolls that can give +1 socket to an item. I swear I had two left but now just shows a "pile of gold" in inventory of which I can't do anything with. Spoke with two guildees and their scrolls seem gone as well and just "pile of gold". Any chance of getting this fixed before end of Thursday last meld event? Thank you. Thank you, I thought I was going mad, I couldn't figure out what was missing. I have the same pro...

Sunday, 25. February 2018, 19:22

Author: Welshsprout

Weapon Production Certificate :

It is a string of quests that start with the trainer and then go to the Pharmacist etc not sure of order but if you look around there, you should find what you are looking for.

Wednesday, 7. February 2018, 10:31

Author: Welshsprout

X-Trap and Antivirus

Quoted from "os trim" I have a similar problem with mccafe, it keeps quarantining the engine DLL folder for last chaos and I gotta restore it every time I launch the game, super annoying Add it to your exclusions

Wednesday, 7. February 2018, 10:27

Author: Welshsprout

US server down I would suggest connecting to the Discord server, always the latest info on there.

Saturday, 27. January 2018, 21:27

Author: Welshsprout

NuTTersInc (Horizon)

not like the old days

Friday, 26. January 2018, 16:17

Author: Welshsprout

Non-transferable/deposit-able items.

Quoted from "Pandia" I understand a non merchant character not to be able to sell/trade them, but we should at least be able to store them in bianca. What's the point of not being able to store only very few im items, like premium tickets or prs +28? Just because we've had them already in inventory or transferred them by mistake on a non merchant toon, does that mean we can't use them? Non merchant toon are able to store items like pbi/xpbs/master stones etc, so why not those very few but very ...

Wednesday, 24. January 2018, 11:48

Author: Welshsprout

NuTTersInc (Horizon) update

We are now a level 39 guild! Various guild skills. Small group of friendly players both new and experienced players. We are looking for active players of all abilities. No pressure, no demands and no drama. NuTTersInc where the LunaTic runs the asylum! Guild Master : LunaTic Guild Advisors: Lanfear BaBaBoom Ambassadors : Donald (DarknessEmbraced) Chuckie (DarknessEmbraced)

Wednesday, 3. January 2018, 20:42

Author: Welshsprout

[Class]Royal Knight suggestions

Thank you for the reply Vilya I did guess as much, but the idea amused me so much it just had to be posted.

Wednesday, 3. January 2018, 10:37

Author: Welshsprout

New Event

We are all aware of the gold scammers making random letter accounts, as we are aware they can ruin the game for everyone. On occasion when seeing "A new player sdfasdfa has entered the game please help them through the guardian system" I get annoyed and then this came to mind and I had a good laugh. Suggestion: Instead of GMs and Admins just deleting all these annoying accounts we could have a "Kill a gold scammer event" or "Gold Scammer Spawn event". The GMs spawn a character from each fake acc...

Wednesday, 3. January 2018, 10:25

Author: Welshsprout

[Item]Crafting Manuals

Very simple suggestion ... Problem: When using the Yellow herb processing scrolls the hi-light on selection is almost the same colour as the original icon, thus making hard to see what is selected. Solution : Make the Hi-light colour high contrast such as red or black

Monday, 18. December 2017, 10:11

Author: Welshsprout

NuTTersInc (Horizon)

NuTTersInc is a small guild, as you may guess from the name nothing is taken too seriously other than manners and respect for others. Currently level 20 with Lvl 1 skills for affinity, gold from mobs, selling loot and buying from NPCs. Coming soon Lvl 24 with Lvl 2 Affinity (maybe more) LunaTic GM BaBaBoom GA Lanfear GA

Wednesday, 6. December 2017, 10:41

Author: Welshsprout

Compliments on content

I would like to compliment the team on the recent game content, specifically use of the LacaBall game for alternative items. I am sure that like myself, many players have stacks of all sorts of items in store with Bianca.(I had over 2k Treant fruits). This also generated activity in places where usually you do not see people (Example Poison Mists, I had been getting eyes for my toon army for days with no one in sight, as soon as the thick liquid showed in LacaBall I started seeing other people a...