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Wednesday, 5. October 2016, 18:13

Author: FaKeTxStyle

Calling all Fansite makers! Do you have the gift?

Quoted from "Vilya" Hello! Make the fansite, and post the link to it here in this thread. Can I write a own website without the builder for example with Notepad ++ ??

Friday, 9. September 2016, 14:23

Author: FaKeTxStyle

New MC gear

The seals of the armor and weapon should be HP&Def then we have 3 Sets Hr,Eva & HP and we have a new incentive to farm us the gear. With that you can make the armor non-charbound so that we can sell it, then i think the effort for that is nice!

Thursday, 1. September 2016, 09:12

Author: FaKeTxStyle

Friend List Limited Ammount of ppl

I agree with that. More space in fl !

Monday, 29. August 2016, 23:30

Author: FaKeTxStyle

Pic Book, End Game Content, ETC.

Quoted from "AnotherUser" Quoted from "Graut" I didn't come for the PvP and I definitely didn't stay for it, and neither did any of my closest LC friends throughout the years. None. In fact PvP has been insignificant for me starting, staying and liking LC, and again, same goes for many other people. Absolute fact. The1 seems to like to continue to talk for others while he goes on and on and on about the same things over and over and over again. But, again, the FACT is that many who played, or s...

Wednesday, 24. August 2016, 18:43

Author: FaKeTxStyle

Pic Book, End Game Content, ETC.

Quoted from "MaZZaCre" I mean we already went from 6 servers to only one. Doesn't that say something about the playerbase or that something about the game in general has to change; that there are bugs to fix, changes to make to the broken pvp system, new content to come up with etc.? I've been waiting since a long time and so did other people, most just gave up and quit though. Do something, please. For me only 3 words. Close , Rebalance (Graphics,PK System,Groupleveling etc.) , Reopen - The LC...

Tuesday, 23. August 2016, 14:41

Author: FaKeTxStyle


Blizzard dont need a target but flame field need a target for example a fox. And with blizzard you can stand in front of a fox and use this skill without targeting the mob.

Tuesday, 2. August 2016, 19:47

Author: FaKeTxStyle

Server Population

Quoted from "Tigga" So würde ich Valtopia aufem deutschen sagen. Soweit ich weis ist es nicht möglich den deutschen Server mit englischem Interface zu haben. Doch ist es, allerdings ist das Client Edding obwohl man nur 2 Dateien verschieben muss, allerdings ist das kein großer Vorteil außer für Leute die daran gewöhnt sind. Näher mag ich aber nicht drauf eingehen.

Tuesday, 2. August 2016, 08:15

Author: FaKeTxStyle

Suggestion of things to benefit the game

Quoted from "Tigga" lol Noooo The NPCs needs 100% of the Gold for new Items to sell they again. And it is needed to put Gold out of the Game. I see your point, but in LC the NPC where you buy items have the buy rate of 100% and the sell rate of 40%. I think he means that the sell rate für Affy items should be 100% too. In my opinion this is a nice option for selling his stuff.

Wednesday, 29. June 2016, 21:35

Author: FaKeTxStyle

New content

Our Coma (Kesja) said YES. A new Content is still in work but nobody know when :/

Tuesday, 28. June 2016, 19:50

Author: FaKeTxStyle

SP Transfer Card

Hello, yes youre right and your idea (and from all the other players) are really nice, but I think Barunson should fix other problems first :/

Wednesday, 22. July 2015, 21:20

Author: FaKeTxStyle

Worth Getting back into this game?

Yes I am still playing till 6 years