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Monday, 5. August 2019, 01:34

Author: dyanneruda


they need to bring back skills we worked to get along time ago, cost real money to buy supplies for skills, would be nice to use them again for a reason. thx for listening

Monday, 11. January 2016, 06:24

Author: dyanneruda

monster combo

if i edit low lvl mobs in monster combo i often cant attack em. I have no problems with attacking lvl 90 mobs and above...only with the low lvl mobs in monster combo i most of the times cant attack em.

Friday, 4. December 2015, 09:05

Author: dyanneruda

p1 in alber

i have lvl 182 cleric and Always enjoyed lvling pets, now at this lvl i cant lvl my drake anywhere except in lab. I understand that P2 are not ideal pets for alber but why not allow drakes in there? There should be another spot for high lvls to be able to lvl p1. I love this game, especially like the pet content in this game, keep it up lc but dont forgot us oldies in here

Wednesday, 7. October 2015, 17:37

Author: dyanneruda

enter game

Always get timed out...doesnt allow me to enter....just me , or.....?

Wednesday, 23. September 2015, 11:19

Author: dyanneruda

pet ranking

would be nice if pet ranking could be fixed.....any plans on that?