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Tuesday, 21. November 2017, 18:52

Author: Wistblaze

Weekly GM Events - November 15 - 21

Due to the Data Center Maintenance which starts at 5 PM EST, Word Scramble scheduled for 4 PM EST on November 21st, will be held at 2 PM EST, so I have time to do it on both servers without any interferences.

Thursday, 9. November 2017, 17:46

Author: Wistblaze

Weekly GM Events November 8 - 14, 2017

Due to some unexpected personal issues, event Pet hide and seek, scheduled for today at 3 PM , will be held at 5 PM EST instead. Sincerest apologies for the delay.

Wednesday, 15. March 2017, 20:26

Author: Wistblaze

unable to reinstall last chaos usa

Did you check the disk on your hard drive where the LC is being downloaded, does it have enough free space?

Wednesday, 15. March 2017, 19:14

Author: Wistblaze

unable to reinstall last chaos usa

Hello gandolf, here is the link: Once you press US version, a little window should pop up at the bottom, asking you to download a 507kb file named "LastChaosDownloader_US.exe" which you must download first to download the client

Monday, 31. October 2016, 21:14

Author: Wistblaze

GM Events October 21 - November 2, 2016

20 Questions event at 4:00pm EST has been cancelled today due to the DDoS-ing. My apologies! Edit: If the server stays stable, 20 Questions event will be held at 6 PM EST

Sunday, 17. April 2016, 21:49

Author: Wistblaze


Quoted from "Crossing" Welcome! Hope you'll have a fun time working here! There are a few things you might need to think about here at your new workplace however: 1. Don't trust anything Fulminar tells you. IT'S A TRAP! 2. At 4 am o'clock, Vilya wants all her servants (aka the GMs) to get out of bed and run 200 laps around Theo's Tomb to keep in shape. 3. NEVER eat anything Raweno offers you, unless you want to get food poisoning. 4. At 5 am o'clock, Vilya is expecting breakfast on her bed and ...

Monday, 14. December 2015, 16:58

Author: Wistblaze

[GM]Wistblaze (Retired)

Greetings warriors of Land of Iris! I salute all of you! I am very proud to be a member of this very awesome LC community. I have been in the saddle since 2008. Yeehaw!!! Thanks to Last Chaos, I have connected with people from across the globe. I have tried out many games, but I would always come back to LC, probably because of you guys. I am single, I like long romantic walks in the sunset, I also like to hold hands when being in the public anywhere. You could say I am oldfashioned, a gentleman...