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Thursday, 10. May 2018, 04:19

Author: buhameister

Cleric Bless skill prolonged

I would like to suggest that the Cleric Bless skill at its max. level 7 would give the buff a 60 minute duration instead of 30. Since all other buffs that cost 5 wise stones (like windy hands, windy step, aura of accuracy...), have default duration of 60 minutes, i think cleric bless at this high level should be no exception. It can stay 30 minutes for level 6 (given that at this point is still free to cast), but level 7 should have prolonged duration.

Thursday, 10. May 2018, 04:07

Author: buhameister

Safe Jewel Removal scroll

Its been a well known fact once you successfully place a high lvl jewel in your gear it can not be taken out anymore without a huge risk of destroying it, using Jewel removal scroll. We have Jewel protection scrolls to help you put your expensive jewels in your gear without worries of destroying it, but how do we take it out safely? We cant, so I was thinking why not adding an item mall item called Safe Jewel Removal scroll, which would make guaranteed and safe removal of one specific jewel from...

Monday, 23. April 2018, 14:40

Author: buhameister

An extra accessory slot

NO. because i dont like the idea. Things should be reachable to all players without discrimination, low lvl players are left out here.

Monday, 23. April 2018, 14:37

Author: buhameister

Full +30 set

Lets say... fixing issue with lab monsters in wall (or many other dungeons also), notorius dratan siege bug, glitch when u have higher speed resulting in character "jumping on spot", then suggestions to make cleric buff lv.7 being 1 hour instead just half hour (vs. all other 5 wise stones skills which give 1 hour - 2 with wind bless ...), and many many more stuff i cant think right now but need fixing. I am sure these things affect much more people and thus should have bigger priority.

Saturday, 21. April 2018, 01:15

Author: buhameister

Full +30 set

A definite NO. There are other more important things to do or fix in the game than to waste time for coding on some useless glow. There are enough various glows in game already.

Sunday, 8. April 2018, 15:03

Author: buhameister

Skill point Jumper

with normal leveling and progressing through the game you dont even need to sp farm at the start of the game. There is literally thousands of sp to be gained after lvl 150 - first in chapel then in tarien, not to mention lab lv 175+. I completely disagree with these sort of potions as they would remove certain "LC specific charm" from this game. If you cant or refuse to handle grinding then consider if this game is suitable for you at all. Or any mmorpg for that matter.

Sunday, 8. April 2018, 14:58

Author: buhameister

Non-transferable/deposit-able items.

I would vote that items in question (like prs+28 1 day or premium package 1 day, or illiad charms 1,2) should be storable in guild storage only. Nightshadows have even further disadvantages in whole of this since they have no other option but to grind sio affinity 20 m

Wednesday, 27. December 2017, 10:52

Author: buhameister

[Suggestion] Extended Profession System

just extend the limit from where merchant profession can be learned. like from level 50 to 100, instead from 50-55.

Wednesday, 8. November 2017, 17:29

Author: buhameister

A suggestion on how to manage gold and items properly

make it so that owl affinity can not be easily bought (using owl stones) anymore. Remove all affinities from the game. Also remove all ยด+30 gears from the game and just make back max. +15. Remove jewels from the game, Unneccessary overpowered people spending 10.000s of dollars can only afford full +30 sets with 7 sockets fdilled with lv.15 jewels. Remove elephants and jaguars and P2 pets. we lived just fine without them. Remove costumes, potions, experience boosters, pbis. Its perfectly possible...

Tuesday, 29. August 2017, 22:26

Author: buhameister


I get disconnected right after login, repeatedly and sometimes i dont even get to Juno screen. Totally unstable, impossible to play. Losing my 50+ days attendance on all characters since they cant at least stay there long enough to get that attendance check, because i disconnect immediately after login in.

Friday, 11. August 2017, 16:01

Author: buhameister

Little sympathetic

Band together, maybe 10+ lv 180-185 people *removed, please see Private Message*.Just needs some prep and teamwork.

Sunday, 23. July 2017, 13:07

Author: buhameister

Cant login to game

Still unable to login. FIX IT.

Sunday, 23. July 2017, 11:59

Author: buhameister

Cant login to game

cant login since morning also. Will the downtime be compensated?? unable to make use of double drop event and DT, like everyone else.

Saturday, 17. June 2017, 13:18

Author: buhameister

WTS lots of +15 armors.

Selling the following: 69 + 20 bow, 6 sockets with chaos emerald 2 + minor lv.3 jewels, ES used up.... 3.2b 75+16 erebus mage circlet, 2 sockets blank, ES available ... 950m 75+15 rogue gloves, 3 sockets with 2 corals lv3, ES available ... 500m 75+16 titan boots, not socketed, ES available ... 1.3b 77+15 b6e titan speed boots, 4 sockets blank, ES used up ... 2b 73+16 g5 sorc.scythe, 4 sockets, ES used up ... 900m 85+16 b6e (-10 lvl) mage gloves, 4 sockets, ES used up ... 1.6b 127+16 b5e healer b...

Tuesday, 24. May 2016, 13:11

Author: buhameister

Making Gold!

As for making gold you will spend hundreds and hundreds of hours anywhere at any level, selling gears/weapons drops, occasional mc party, jewel boxes 2 and 3.... Like said, dont expect to earn billions. few hundred millions gold maybe tops per day at full grind. As for gold bars - 1000 gold bars per hour if doin manually and there is still competition to sell that, things just wont sell like that. Less and less players in game, hi levels hold all their gold and very little of it goes back to pla...

Thursday, 14. April 2016, 01:15

Author: buhameister

WTBG sorc and healer lv 170+

If anyone wants to gift sorc or healer before 20th April, pm/add Magis on Initus server 5, offering 10 bil gold for character.

Saturday, 20. February 2016, 22:44

Author: buhameister

Question about 100% cash back

So if we buy now the 50 Pet Exp booster pack, we get all 1039 ic back now normally?

Wednesday, 17. February 2016, 14:42

Author: buhameister

Question Regarding Status

nvm that. Seems the reward points are the ones that are spendable. And if i am not mistaken, then statuspoints only represent which tier I have achieved and are not spendable. Loyalty points and reward points are the same thing. Am I right?

Wednesday, 17. February 2016, 12:29

Author: buhameister

Status points

I fixed the problem by simply enlarging screen size from 800x600 to 1024x768. Clicking light bulb opened my reward system then without problems.