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Tuesday, 25. October 2016, 08:11

Author: Exret


I've wrote it already in another post and gonna repeat : the only reasonable way to solve this is to get rid of the stupid idea of blue mobs not dropping any gold or items and changing it. It makes totally no sense that higher lvl player cannot drop anything from lower lvl mobs. I've played many MMO's and only in LC it is like that. Changing it would get more gold into market, as well as more interesting stuff to do for everyone (farming different spots and places in the game world) rather that ...

Tuesday, 4. October 2016, 19:32

Author: Exret

[Suggestion] New Game Engine.

No thanks. The game has its specifics and it has its climate as it is + not everyone wants to upgrade hardware all the time. One of reasons many ppl keep playing LC is that you can start it on pretty old machine already. So for some game content changes - YES, but for anything increasing the system requirements NO

Tuesday, 20. September 2016, 23:20

Author: Exret

New gears

Could anyone give some details about this? Do the weapons have more attack than elemental ones? Do the armors have any nice seals? If not, then I doubt anyone will want to waste time on farming the new gear...

Wednesday, 17. August 2016, 19:18

Author: Exret

Suggestion of things to benefit the game

I will suggest something I've suggested many times already : in order to make this game interesting, please change the rule that blue mobs don't drop anything. This will make game more absorbing for players again and bring more gold to the server. I've never seen such a rule in any other MMO game like it is like in LC - that the bigger lvl difference makes mobs not drop anything. That makes totally no sense. That basically makes players getting punished for growing stronger and is against any lo...

Wednesday, 7. October 2015, 22:25

Author: Exret

Pet fairy problem

Hello everyone, today I tried to use my pet fairy 30 days for the first time. Everything went fine, I got some image next to my toon. But problem is that for some reason I cannot put any pet to the pet fairy and exp it. Could anyone explain to me what I am doing wrong or maybe it is some new kind of bug atm? Regards

Saturday, 3. October 2015, 19:56

Author: Exret

How often Ramslo's lab resets?

Okay thank you for quick answer. What time a day are the raids reset?

Saturday, 3. October 2015, 19:38

Author: Exret

How often Ramslo's lab resets?

Hello, I would like to ask how often the Ramslo's lab in Tarian resets these days (after killing the last boss it's empty). Is it once a day? Once a week? Other timing?

Monday, 14. September 2015, 19:33

Author: Exret

UK to EU merge: Questions and Concerns

Why do you wanna transfer us, it's bad solution... I have played in UK server for over 1,5 years just to start in fresh environment and now the transfer is obligatory? This is not fair. I would also like to mention that everything (all chars as well as guilds) should be moved if really necessery to make that merge. I've invested a lot of time and cash to get my guild to lvl 50 in order to now just lose it ?

Tuesday, 28. July 2015, 23:54

Author: Exret

Add please again the send cash item to the Item Mall

Hello guys, I have this suggestion to add again an item called 'send cash' to the item mall. It used to be there some time ago and was very useful. There are some people (including me) who play on differenct accounts and/or even versions of the game (different language servers etc). That item was really in handy, because you could easily send 2k cash from one acc to another. I don't see why it had to be taken away from the Item Mall?