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Sunday, 14. February 2016, 10:06

Author: tiberius76

Status points

I use WIN XP, it shouldn't have compatibility problems. Should I select compatibility mode with a lower version of Windows? Everything else about LC works fine, game is stable, smooth, only this Loyalty popup doesn't work.

Saturday, 13. February 2016, 15:33

Author: tiberius76

Status points

Hello, I have a problem with the loyalty system. When I open the Loyalty notification button, I get a error: Internet Explorer script error An error has occurred in the script on this page Line 7 Char: 20335 Error: Function expected code: 0 Also, the status balance is displayed with white chars, i need to highlight text with mouse. The biggest problem is that the status points balance is 0, even if I think I should have points from attendance, at least. From what I know, points should have not e...

Thursday, 28. January 2016, 08:46

Author: tiberius76

Rune of protection seems to mess with upgrade rates

Different type of gear may have different chances of upgrade. Weapons upgrading could be harder than armor upgrading. Even for armor, there are some ppl saying that some pieces, like gloves, or helm, are more difficult, they tend to break more often. Also, armor like the 30-32 or 60-62 sets that you get for free, tend to break. From what I observed, upgrading with runes has very low chances, in general, but sometimes, the successes can arrive in bursts, which is good. If you get lucky. Still, fr...

Monday, 11. January 2016, 13:36

Author: tiberius76

Alber Dilamun towers

As a RK, using Dash will get you sometimes "in range" to kill mobs that are "too far away". You may be unable to move afterwards, but relog, and you should be fine.

Monday, 21. December 2015, 08:31

Author: tiberius76

prs transfer problem

The interesting thing is that a merchant toon, if it buys a PRS+28, can not only resell it, can also store it in Bianca storage. Then, you can transfer it to your desired toon, or keep it until you want to sell it.

Saturday, 15. August 2015, 11:30

Author: tiberius76

Question about Dura 300/300

In the durability FAQ, at the end, there is a demo on restoring maximum durability, using mysterious hammers. What is interesting in the last picture attached is that the initial durability is 299, but using 299 hammers seems to bring recovered durability to 299 from 598. If this is true, them the max durability could be increased over 300. If max durability is 598, I wonder if it's possible to repair it to the 598/598 mark, or only to 300/598 mark, with normal or special repair. Unfortunately, ...