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Sunday, 4. August 2019, 08:59

Author: betavich.

player skills

there are many things I wont do in online games , if I don't like a system I will never use it . that's what happened to the elemental system in last chaos . I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole .

Sunday, 14. July 2019, 19:48

Author: betavich.

Can we get a balance?

clearly the wizard should be the strongest ... : )

Thursday, 27. June 2019, 02:25

Author: betavich.

Upgrade disband guild NPC option

I wanted to play kabod not because I wanted to lose my shirt , because it was cool . good graphics and quest system . after a few days I logged in and hit play , only it wasn't play it was delete right next to the play icon ... my char and its name were instantly gone forever . I had to start over and without my name . fix it so the npc does not have delete guild as an option , it is a good idea to put disband guild far away from any often used icons . or even move it to a sub section of the sam...

Sunday, 17. February 2019, 20:55

Author: betavich.

cap level

< wants to lower the cap ... but , yes the rankings are very hard to see since you cant just scroll through the list ? I used to type the the last name I could see in order to view the whole ranking list . I miss the rankings in lower level personal dungeons . it was fun .

Friday, 30. November 2018, 08:37

Author: betavich.

the ignition system was new

it was not a cheat nor an exploit ,the ignition system was new , we didn't have test servers and they implemented it on live servers . the level 32 wizard turned her ignition purple . she went to the tomb of theos in dratan the dungeon timer was on , she used small health and mana regen pots ,casted all of her buffs then used level 40 horse buffs gulped down a haste potion and ran in. on her way running down the hall she broke out level 40 or 50 something pony all stats on attack . she used larg...

Wednesday, 28. November 2018, 08:35

Author: betavich.

Why archwizard and wizard are flawed and how can they be fixed

the original post may be right about the cool downs , I really like chaos nova the way it is ,the wizard already has curse , I don't know if it works in pvp these days but I remember my spells didn't work in the arena . surestrike said something about damage that made me think ... at one time the wizard was nerfed because the pvp players complained mages gained some kind of unfair pvp advantage that had something to do with haste pots and chakra shield I don't know what it was ,but i know after ...

Tuesday, 27. November 2018, 09:03

Author: betavich.

Why archwizard and wizard are flawed and how can they be fixed

release the wizards power on pvp and you will all be running in circles from fear . chaos nova does exactly what its supposed to do . spells are all nerfed so wizards don't kill the high levels . witch spells like blind work in pvp but wizard spells like fear do not . don't know what you want to create by messing with the cooldown timers but say leave it alone and focus on real problems like armor pixie not staying in its glow or p1 pony emotes or p1 horse buff sounds or we cant see each others ...

Wednesday, 3. October 2018, 02:40

Author: betavich.

[Event] Name that NPC!

3 people voted for a typo ... one of the names got confused somehow . Proposed name- arthuris the outsider

Wednesday, 26. September 2018, 22:29

Author: betavich.

name that npc

proposed name venture in game char name beta version and server eu atlas

Wednesday, 8. August 2018, 08:27

Author: betavich.

retro lc

the wizards support the idea and its not the first time it has been suggested . I would love to restart from beta .but you are already wanting changes . you have 1 post and it contains a poll . don't click on that . id like to restart from beta and very carefully 1 thing at a time start modding it up and testing on a closed test server . last chaos has the most potential of any online game I have ever seen . it has enough maps of juno to change them with the seasons . they have a team assembled ...

Monday, 6. August 2018, 06:42

Author: betavich.

useless items

anything you remove from an online game will be somebodies prize possession like my evil headband . grrr!! : ) you are exactly right , too many useless items . but you have the potions wrong . it should be small great greatest . medium and greater should be removed . medium is too small and greater cant be dropped . holy water is utterly useless even for a titan . just for fun I used one a few months back it did almost nothing to the mob and it blinded me from the gamma burst . I do not pick the...

Saturday, 2. June 2018, 20:10

Author: betavich.

Upgrade Event Mathematics

heaven stones have a mind of their own , math is useless . I recently made a plus 16 eribus staff , I had a plus 2 staff, I dropped 24 heaven stones in it to make it plus 6 , sadly I was trying to break it and was spamming heaven stones to do it , 9 chaos smelts and 1 extreme stone later and presto , plus 16 ... heaven stones like to mess with you ,it makes them happy . that was a new record for me . most heaven stones used without breaking the item 24 .

Wednesday, 27. December 2017, 13:17

Author: betavich.

[Suggestion] Extended Profession System

Blacksmith - if capped out blacksmith skills allowed for +8 items to be created it would be worth picking up the crafting scrolls from drops and plus 8 items are close enough to plus ten to make it worth trying to make them plus ten with heaven stones even if they break . Jeweler - if capped out jeweler skills open locked inv slots players would have enough space to attempt to craft jewels and it would make the jewels from drops more worth picking up .