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Monday, 14. January 2019, 03:11

Author: floydsforum

Hero Coins

Can someone PLEASE tell me What mobs I need to select from the List to get HERO coins ? I have heard the cost Must me 100 Million per run , Would like to know what mobs to select , If Anyone could help I would be happy to know ! Thanks , And HAPPY HUNTING To All ! ~~~<(o;} HAVE A BLESSED DAY !

Monday, 7. January 2019, 16:13

Author: floydsforum

Snow Leopard

Quoted from "sdave74" Yea, maybe lvl 100 or 120 would be more reasonable. I Agree Lvl 100 Is More Reasonable !

Monday, 10. December 2018, 08:11

Author: floydsforum


Quoted from "currykaran2" We all know the debuffs on the buffs are not intentional and are not helping anyone. The only people that use them are the ones that can't survive at siege for longer than 2 seconds, so they sit at home and wait for who ever logs on to debuff them. Can we please remove debuffs from buffs, they have no real value other than to annoy other people and make them wanna pull their hair out. If They Remove the Rouges Buff that allows them to Hit You and Kill You in 1 hit , ma...

Thursday, 30. November 2017, 10:16

Author: floydsforum

Mysterious pony

I have an arrogant pony the same thing I can not get rid of it .....On ARROW 185 archer also my 124 SpawnOfSatan has a Big Hea dlizard pet but it shows two in inv takes up space ... how do i get rid of pony u cant saccrafice it

Wednesday, 2. March 2016, 01:38

Author: floydsforum

Haste like buff for ns

How about Helping out Archers .....And why is it a Rouge can heal better than an Archer who is Healer class to begin with?

Tuesday, 1. December 2015, 04:16

Author: floydsforum

Lost abyss anchor

I removed an abyss anchor from records, used a magnifying glass on it and applied it to my Incubus. I wanted to show a friend the difference in Forms....Human~ Demon . So when I removed the anchor it went into my inv. as usual. However when I tried to do it again to show my friends wife it disappeared from in Inv. I thought it was a 30 day anchor .....But Even if it was a 1 day one it would last more than 15 minutes max, which is what it took to buy a magnifying glass ,Use the glass , Equip the ...