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Thursday, 22. December 2016, 17:18

Author: dolfika


Okay, thank you navya

Thursday, 22. December 2016, 16:23

Author: dolfika


Hello, Can the items marked action and promo be put in the wishlist?

Tuesday, 14. June 2016, 00:49

Author: dolfi

Problem with xtrap launcher :(

the screen of this problem :

Saturday, 20. February 2016, 14:15

Author: dolfi

Question about 100% cash back

Hello, There is a bug with the cash

Sunday, 18. October 2015, 12:48

Author: dolfi

Full Screen = Black Screen PLEASE HELP

Hello With W10 there are a bug on full screen. Lc isn't compatibility with w10 on full screen

Tuesday, 29. September 2015, 19:50

Author: dolfi

Skill Points /SXP locations for monsters

Hi Look this web site : he is english (Sorry for my english, i'm french )