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Wednesday, 27. June 2018, 15:29

Author: poes12

elephant missing skills

yes the lvl 2 ( changthai ) elephant dance of courage dont dissapears on all 3 toons maxpain aracnhid696 and silvermoon696 but the other skills idk was missing to i have sent in info of it before

Monday, 18. June 2018, 14:42

Author: poes12

lost pets skills

got the same problem missing pet skills and on settings it wont stay there

Monday, 8. May 2017, 15:36

Author: poes12

failed to connect server

is it main again what happend

Thursday, 13. April 2017, 01:26

Author: poes12

missing title chaos bringer

im missing the title chaos bringer on my knight holyknight and there are coins on the title info on toons