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Tuesday, 23. October 2018, 01:06

Author: Damooshka

What about skills?

I support this! All i see in arena now is exrangers... let the other classes have some fun too. And about the skills i would really love to see change, skills are technically useless now and everyone relies on basic attacks.

Thursday, 27. September 2018, 07:29

Author: Damooshka

[Event] Name that NPC!

Abbott IG Name: WildSight Server: Us - Initus

Monday, 3. October 2016, 03:03

Author: Damooshka

Unable To Change Password?

So i recently wanted to change my password and it seems like its not working? the message pops up saying the following "Attention an error occurred" Image:

Sunday, 18. September 2016, 09:22

Author: Damooshka

Resolution 1336x768

Hey all, damo here. i use 2 monitors one of them is a 1336x768 monitor and there isnt a resolution to support it, i was wondering if it would hurt any1 to add a 1336x768 resolution? everyone with 1336x768 can only support 1024x768 resolution which looks very bad and low quality. Thanks, Damo

Sunday, 11. September 2016, 09:50

Author: Damooshka

Listing The Items I Got

10 Chaos Balls Life Searcher 100 Mana And Hp Greatest Pots Warehouse and Storage Ticket Ultimate Amulet 1 Red Pet Coloring Crystal ( I Think i Got That? ) Party Recall 30 Days +28 7 Days Platinum Refining Stone Level 1,2,3 Jewel Boxes x10

Sunday, 11. September 2016, 09:43

Author: Damooshka

First Time Buyer Pack Glitch -Damooshka

So Ive Been Buying Some Cash, I Log On Today and Saw A Gift, I Was Pretty Excited. I Saw 3 Packs, 1 Had A Picture Of MPS (Mana Steal). I Believe I Only Recieved 1/3 Packs Due To Some Glitch My Name Is Damooshka Im on Last Chaos USA. Can I Know What These Packs Deliver? I Believe My Packs Were Bugged and Not Reedemed