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Tuesday, 1. May 2018, 17:19

Author: Light

Special card

idk if i speak in the name of all players on H but i would like the creation of a special card that will allow me to transfer my toons on I server.we already talk with some of gm s they told us that a merge will never happen so i would pay some nice cash for a special card that will alow me to play with some people around me.nowone like to have a toon on a dead server.idk why we get to this point but its not fun anymore,and a game should be fun,how about doing something about that. maybe i dont ...

Tuesday, 20. March 2018, 06:59

Author: Light

wtb cc15

wtb chaos coral lvl 15 on I server .paying good for it, i can pay gold, ic, trade it for xpb what ever u want ...u can find me on I server ch5 by the name of Light or my merch toon spin

Tuesday, 13. February 2018, 06:50

Author: Light


u guys should bring the people to sieges.u have by now a pretty strong guild and never come to any of the sieges.idk why people dont pvp when its the most fun thing u can do in this game.its not like u will lose anything

Saturday, 13. January 2018, 05:04

Author: Light

ramslo drops

wonder why ramslo weapos boxes drop are so low,and how people should get their 173 weapons if its almost imposible to drop a box from rammy.i ve been hunting for a long time and its so hard to make him drop a wep box.also 173 wep with those seals u cant get out from crafting.u guys should do something about that.thank u

Monday, 11. December 2017, 10:45

Author: Light

no way jose

as soon as this merge happend i will finaly quit Lc , been playing since old times a man got to stop sooner or later.just imagine i have 4 toons 185 on I server and i run out as soon as i could on H and made another 2 , 1 that its first in rankings my sexy mage.dont want nothing to do with I lot of crap camed from aeria .wan a play and have more equal chances in pvp come start a new toon on H server. hope not to see any of these posts ever again

Friday, 21. April 2017, 20:58

Author: Light

Ty for the meld event

It seems that out thoughts are listed are we are getting a jewel meld ,fusion and remove event and a good 1 too 800% ...ty so much

Sunday, 16. April 2017, 11:06

Author: Light

Just Hilarious

I tryed today put a lvl 15 chaos aragonite on my gear....failed and quit after 29 about a meld event and would be nice to have loyalty on H server as well...i got around 1.2k points and dont want to spend it on I server where i already have 3 185 toons.We need a meld event pls.

Friday, 24. March 2017, 06:11

Author: Light

we all know it ...this is a expensive game :)

just made my dura wand +30 on H server , cost me 47 ms in total from +13 to the wep deosent worth it try devils after +13 will get u spend even more.i tryed upgrade 97 wep when i was close to that lvl ...18k ic and still couldnt more that +13

Monday, 13. February 2017, 07:13

Author: Light

wtt 170 eva set for tk

wtt 170+18 eva set for tk and acc for ic tokens.set have all the best jewels cc15 and c 15 i also got 112*3+56*2 with cc 15 and some other eva it all for ic tokens on server I since i quit this server.u can find me on H server after 18:00 spain hour mainly on ch3 by the name of LighT or send me a msg

Thursday, 9. February 2017, 07:26

Author: Light

log in

yeah same problem .somewone should take a look at this .i just turn 160 on H server need to check out the raid