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Friday, 2. June 2017, 14:05

Author: Hikikomori

Random Closes.

Same was happening to me, I ran full pc recovery and reinstalled LC and its all good now.

Friday, 2. June 2017, 13:45

Author: Hikikomori

Dilamun Gear Drops

Gloves and helm are north east of the poison oasis, and I think drakes, deers and scorpions drop rest.

Tuesday, 30. May 2017, 14:35

Author: Hikikomori

[Class]Arch Mage

Storm Cloud skill totally needs lower cd......

Saturday, 21. January 2017, 17:41

Author: Hikikomori

Any GA/GM? CASH problem.. Ticket didnt solve..

It's possible that you just charged your gaming account, and you have $50 gamigo cash waiting to be spent on LC. Log into your gamigo account and check your balance.

Tuesday, 20. December 2016, 15:33

Author: Hikikomori

WTGS 178 Cleric

Fully skilled Private message me if you're interested

Sunday, 18. December 2016, 23:02

Author: Hikikomori

WTS 173+29 hr bow (Archer)

(6/6) Sockets -Lvl 2 Chaos Diamond -Coral lvl 15 -Bloodstone lvl 15 -Lvl 5 Black Pearl -Lvl 5 White Pearl -Lvl 5 Emerald Skill Cooldown: 131 Hit Rate: 596