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Thursday, 5. December 2019, 01:34

Author: ThisAintRight2

Invalid password

Try logging into your Gamigo acct. Close it out and retry your LC acct. again. I have had this issue and this worked for me. Its like it forgot your password and needed reminding...

Wednesday, 23. October 2019, 04:27

Author: ThisAintRight2

Empty Baskets

Yes baskets drop in Lab, both my 177 Archer and 184 Rogue has dropped them. Tho my Archer did much better then my rogue.

Sunday, 29. September 2019, 04:37

Author: ThisAintRight2

Time Zones

Thank you all for your input, some great info there. I was just kinda asking why so many times, if we had 1 time that was always the same, it would be much easier for everyone to know what that converts to in their area. I believe that is part of the reason why people are still asking about when DT is, or how much longer it will be. Just a shout out to someone that may be able to do something.

Sunday, 29. September 2019, 00:11

Author: ThisAintRight2

Time Zones

Why is it that Gamigo uses several different time zones in this game? I've lost so many Promos to this confusing array of different times, unless of course that was their intention. I've bought IC just for the Promos and learned later that I missed it by an hour, and you cant ticket it, cause it tells you at the bottom of the page, that Gamigo is not responsible for my lack of understanding. EST, CST, PST(I've seen it), "Local Server Time"(what does that even mean?), the only thing I get is PTSD...

Friday, 6. September 2019, 00:13

Author: ThisAintRight2

Invalid Password

I also cant connect to server, its been awhile too...

Friday, 8. March 2019, 06:51

Author: ThisAintRight2

Glitched Ele's, Jags and others

Perhaps we could do a 1 for 1 match per unit, as is, the only difference, un-glitched for glitched all across the board... Its not to hard to gen a toon/pet

Friday, 20. July 2018, 18:27

Author: ThisAintRight2

How to use skills?

You can not load skills from Skill trainer skill tree, exit out of skill trainer, open your skill tree using "K" or Alt-K and load skills from your skill tree.