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Friday, 2. June 2017, 00:23

Author: TheD0MINION

Dilamun Gear Drops

I also don't recall. I ran around killing different things until I dropped what I needed. The scorpions definitely drop at least 1 part of the set. I think there were also mobs near the spire in the middle of the upper right part of the map that dropped 2 different pieces (but I don't recall exactly where they were, just in that general area). I dropped it too long ago to remember exactly.

Wednesday, 19. April 2017, 00:42

Author: TheD0MINION

Just Hilarious

Quoted from "Bubbalicious" I'm all for things being time-consuming to get, but I do not like having to rely on dumb luck to progress. ^This.

Saturday, 1. April 2017, 10:41

Author: TheD0MINION

What is Safe-Upgrade-Stone?

Quoted from "ANGEL." Pretty much same as old school Master stone we had with Aeria - u had to buy ap to get it It's like a 7 year regression! Don't get me wrong, I'm glad these exist now since so little is guaranteed in this game, though I still think this is what a Master Stone should it used to.

Friday, 24. March 2017, 18:46

Author: TheD0MINION

lol upgrade system lol

Quoted i tryed upgrade 97 wep when i was close to that lvl ...18k ic and still couldnt more that +13 That's broken. Nowhere other than this game would it be acceptable to spend $60 and get nothing in return, except in a casino.

Friday, 24. March 2017, 05:13

Author: TheD0MINION

lol upgrade system lol

I could not agree more with just about everything that has been said. The general upgrade rate is abysmal. Master Stones should be called Stones of Questionable Luck. That about sums it up.

Monday, 20. March 2017, 03:07

Author: TheD0MINION

new gold nerf

It would be really nice to hear a response to this from the staff besides "you're trolling". Gold drops went back to normal during the double exp/sp/pet exp event, were doubled during the double gold/item drop event, then went back to being nerfed as soon as that was done. I can't tell exactly by how much, but it seems like the current rate is about half of the normal rate. Assuming that gold gets returned to the normal rate, I will be sure to take some screenshots of the normal gold drop rate s...