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Sunday, 29. May 2016, 08:56

Author: DeVotus

Where are the GMs when you need them most?

That sounds so funny. You only love EXP/ SP in PK when you are red your self. So dont cry when you get Pked when you PK too, btw, its part of the game. normally you can go to underground labor with the spawnshield, you musnt waste time in front of the dungeon entrance, then you cant get killed.

Saturday, 16. April 2016, 20:32

Author: DeVotus

WTG Rogues&Cleric ;)

come on, say some prices

Thursday, 31. March 2016, 23:58

Author: DeVotus

Events with short notice

IT was a temporary +28 Stone, but, to be honest, it wasnt even worth it The 20% more cash at eastern was way better, you didnt miss anything but however, i can see why people want the temporary +28 stone too cheers

Thursday, 31. March 2016, 20:25

Author: DeVotus

Upgrade Event And Master Stones.

no. At first upgrade events increased the succsess rate of Masterstones, but not anymore. So upgrade event doesnt have any effect. cheers

Tuesday, 29. March 2016, 23:40

Author: DeVotus

Royal general skills, Concentration

Yes, never use that Its even a debuf, when you buff a mage with concentration

Wednesday, 23. March 2016, 20:35

Author: DeVotus

3 for 2 issue?

Unfortenatly its apackage Look at "promotions" there is the package, 3 x for the price of 2x

Sunday, 20. March 2016, 16:53

Author: DeVotus

how do i spawn in town

you should have finished tutotial, quest "Back to Randol" A few moths agot they fixed the quest, so now it can be done 1-185, so just do the quest at Johnatan and finish it, then you will spawn town.

Tuesday, 15. March 2016, 23:43

Author: DeVotus

Pet sp exp

HAHA you do not need an EXP pet? EXP Pet is ~50% more EXP, when you have 500% exp limit etc , the exp pet gains it exp for you x5 as fast too. An SP Pet would be the most unnessecary pet at all, because SP need to be farmed once and very shorty, so an extra pet for that isnt useful. Have fun

Wednesday, 2. March 2016, 15:45

Author: DeVotus

LC Kitchens : Photo Thread

Is the 2nd picture a baby pig head ?:O +good luck i am vegetarian

Monday, 15. February 2016, 18:39

Author: DeVotus

Question Regarding Status

But WHY`? The Diamand Shop is NOT even there, but our Statuspoints disapper in 7 days? Thats not fair, i farmed 300 Statuspoints in the waiting time, with the promise, that they will get restored so we can use them to get the premission for the shops. Now these are USELESS; because i WAS NOT able to get in the Diamandshop with these points... *removed*

Tuesday, 9. February 2016, 09:15

Author: DeVotus

Adjustments to the Highlander

Quoted from "DynamicPineapple2" I think if they combine Perfect body and soul buff together and make it give 40% attack speed, 10,000 evasion, make it last 5-10 minutes, and can use it at any given percentage of health Highlander might stand a chance and also make concentrate attack give 25% more attack not increased chance of strong regular hits because that is useless and make axe crasher a stun or snare/damage skill because bleed does nothing useful also yes, but those bleed things arent wor...

Tuesday, 9. February 2016, 09:13

Author: DeVotus

From 1-185 lvl .

By turing your char to an phoenix you revice a few boni: -4k FP, when you do it right on lvl 1 -30 EXTRA Statponits (a must have) -The cool Phoenix helmet (permanent cover for helmet, for later game you meld it once with a +3 book on your helmet and you have it for ever) -a bad armor + wep (just throw it away) And for those who are afraid of not getting enought SP: With my Sorcerer i didnt farm ANY SP before 60, so i just did phoenix on lvl 1, got 35, then i went to the Temple of Forgetfullness ...

Monday, 8. February 2016, 08:37

Author: DeVotus

From 1-185 lvl .

My Guide: Note: How to get 500% EXP +? Use: 500% Epic EXP Spell + PBI + EXP Scroll + small experience potion then with dungeon time +50%: 500% x 1,5 = 750% (because its x1,5 of the normal exp) level 1: Get a Guardian, in order to get the 21+15 weapon and the buffs Then take the Phoenix Card (try to do it as early as possible, every level up you do to level 35 will decrease SP Reward by 100) Now you are level 35. lvl 35-50 Spider Dungeon (go to the posion room, they give an exremly amount of EXP)...