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Wednesday, 30. January 2019, 21:56

Author: Scimitar

Ingame time and date indicator

Hi guys, it is supposed to be "Local Server Time" actually. If it is not, it can be considered a bug. You are perfectly right, that client time only doesn't make any sense. Everyone has some clock somewhere and would not need the game to tell him/her about the current time. Can you please contact any GameMaster with a few more details? The suggestion of having both may be an option for convenience still, so your discussion and poll should go into that direction. Regards!

Sunday, 28. October 2018, 15:51

Author: Scimitar

Game randomly crashing...

Hi everyone, according to our information, the XIGNCODE software is always gettings tested with multiple antivirus solutions and has passed those tests before a version gets delivered to our game. Still, checking all ppossible combinations of OS, Drivers and 3rd party software 100% is a task that cannot be done, because there are so many diferent combinations out there used by the diferent end-users. However, the developers of the XIGNCODE software offer a good end-user FAQ and also accept indiv...

Monday, 4. December 2017, 12:50

Author: Scimitar

How about a Fix for the monsters going behind walls and in the floors

Hiho, please don't abuse the suggestions section to throw in hidden bug-reports. This section is meant for creative / innovative ideas and suggestions. If you spam it with bug-reports, it is extremely hard to find the cool ideas though. Bugs shall be reported just normally to any member of the GM-Team in private messages. I will answer on this specific request anyways: Monsters ending up in the walls is one of the oldest issues in LastChaos at all. Even though reported several times, the origina...

Sunday, 23. July 2017, 12:54

Author: Scimitar

Cant login to game

Hi everyone, we have reported the issue to our technical staff. They are taking a look why login to USA version currently is down and try to bring it up as soon as possible. best, Scimitar

Thursday, 30. March 2017, 22:47

Author: Scimitar

Gold Lottery

Quoted from "aerosy" Ouch!! ... Ouch indeed Quoted from "Vilya" Every sold ticket will add 3x its value to the total gold-pool and 3% of its value to the jackpot. Every ticket has a chance of 20% to win part of the gold-pool. Additionally the jackpot can be won with variable chances depending on the amount of tickets in the game. If the jackpot is not won, it will be carried on to the next round and keep growing. Please read the FAQ of a system or ask others, if you don't understand it. We are ...

Thursday, 16. March 2017, 12:09

Author: Scimitar

new gold nerf

Hi Guys neither Gold Drops nor droprate of items were touched. Happy trolling

Sunday, 11. December 2016, 12:04

Author: Scimitar

Does Gamigo protect thier intellectual property?

Hi guys, until November this year, Last Chaos was the intellectual property of Barunson E&A in South Korea. Please check this press release for more details. There have been several attempts to shut down pirate servers also in the past, but due to international laws and the legal situations, it was not very successful with some. At this point, we focus on LastChaos development, but yes we may start another legal approach again to kick those pirate servers in their b***. It is not an easy task, a...

Friday, 25. November 2016, 22:18

Author: Scimitar

[Problem] New Win 10 Creative - build. LC crashing my PC

Hi... Moved your thread to "technical questions". Maybe someone ran into a similar issue and can assist you. Are you playing fullscreen of window? Regards!

Thursday, 29. September 2016, 11:24

Author: Scimitar

Last Chaos US server Data Center migration

Timezones have been adjusted, as well as PK mode settings of the different gamechannels. All timed events such as dungeontime should be running at correct times now on all gamechannels. Happy gaming!

Thursday, 29. September 2016, 10:36

Author: Scimitar

Last Chaos US server Data Center migration

Dear players, we are will have a quick maintenance in 30 minutes from now. We found a mismatch in timezones on some of the services that needs to be fixed. The downtime will only last a few minutes. Best regards - your Last Chaos team

Monday, 1. February 2016, 18:26

Author: Scimitar

The myths about the patches - chapter 1

Dear players, Once in a while we find comments in our forums that are related to patches and there are quite some myths and rumors which are kept alive already for years, but are simply wrong. I like to take the opportunity to shed some light on some of those myths and give you a better understanding how the most publishing contracts work. Myth number 1 - "gamigo is too stingy to buy a bugfix" Well, this is far from reality. In fact we never buy any bugfixes, but this is not because we are too "...

Tuesday, 21. July 2015, 11:51

Author: Scimitar

[PM] Scimitar

Hi everyone, after we sorted out some of the issues that came along with the forum integration, I finally found a few minutes to say hello to everyone. Also I like to apologize already to all the non-english speaking community, but it is as it is... I can only talk in German and English and I like to say things with my own words rather than having someone else write a speech for me So let me just say hola, bonjour, hallo, ciao, olá, merhaba, cześć, привет ... hello! Okay... btt... In case you do...