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Saturday, 27. October 2018, 12:18

Author: mouse420

Game randomly crashing...

Having same problem ... looks like like either I run it on a pc I dont care about so I dont need virus protection or I dont play lc anymore there is no reason to have my gaming pc infected and messed up because of one game being shady and acting like a virus and wanting the door left open for more

Tuesday, 9. October 2018, 03:41

Author: mouse420

pet question

Does the ticket from last year to get pumpkin pet still work or do I gotta wait for the Halloween event??

Thursday, 27. September 2018, 16:09

Author: mouse420

Event Name That Npc

Proposed name- arthuris the outsider Ingame name-Mouse420 Server- US- Initus

Wednesday, 3. May 2017, 06:12

Author: mouse420

Need help with :Titan Acc's and lvling.

can u post what u find im in the same boat

Friday, 7. April 2017, 06:10

Author: mouse420


What is the current list of pets im trying to own one of each i think i have all but the red popian

Thursday, 2. February 2017, 07:11

Author: mouse420

controller support

Hi i was wondering if anyone knows if its possible to play with a controller like ps3 or 4

Wednesday, 19. October 2016, 07:45

Author: mouse420


I was about to start playing again for the Halloween and x mas events but if its still all jacked up whats the point only to lvl my petd i guess

Friday, 23. October 2015, 02:57

Author: mouse420

mobile app or more of a mobile website

Is there a possibility of apPP or mobile version like a companion app can incorporate a web mall of sorts

Thursday, 13. August 2015, 11:51

Author: mouse420

where can I find patch notes

Where can I find patch notes they were here a few days ago now I'm having a hard time finding things

Thursday, 6. August 2015, 03:03

Author: mouse420

web mall

Hey u guys should bring back the web item mall so when people are at work we can still b able to buy items and participate in the deals and spend some of r money withoout missing out ...I am forced to live half of my internet life on my phone due to having responsibilities it would work well for all of us .. players and devs alike

Wednesday, 5. August 2015, 16:20

Author: mouse420


Anyone have a list on what bonus u get for each day of attendance is it worth it ??

Wednesday, 5. August 2015, 07:45

Author: mouse420

Non-responding Client> Cant get to server

I have the same problem on my laptop t took out Windows reinstalled Windows and put just lc on it and ever since it hasn't worked I have another tower that loads the game plays it for about 30 minutes then lags so bad it disconnects main tower runs it perfectly I'm starting to think it is just hit and miss with the install ...

Saturday, 25. July 2015, 22:32

Author: mouse420

Worth Getting back into this game?

It's worth it if u have the time other then that it's kinda boring still