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Friday, 1. December 2017, 14:50

Author: Bubbalicious

How about a Fix for the monsters going behind walls and in the floors

Any fix to this issue would probably require a huge overhaul of some of the game's mechanics, which for a dinosaur of a game like this, would be 2020 before the first fix attempt would be released (which would go horribly wrong with you clipping outside the map each time you summoned an Elephant, or some other hilarious bug), "zoning" mobs so they don't go past certain co-ords unless attacked would help keep some off the walls, and removing other invisible barriers that cause things to hide up i...

Thursday, 14. September 2017, 09:56

Author: Bubbalicious

Abusing of possibility to come on sieges unregisterred...

Sieges need a work-over, MCS is all about flagging up to kill other attackers (which can be difficult as PK Mode can be really buggy at times), DCS is all about the last 10 mins or so, as you can successfully attack and claim the Castle only turning up for the last 10 minutes. And let's not get started on Med spam. Part of the reason I'm not active on LC any more is because I have a strong feeling that over the last couple of years, rules designed to attempt to prevent people gaining unfair adva...

Wednesday, 7. June 2017, 17:12

Author: Bubbalicious

Stone skills in PvP

Have to disagree with the suggestions regarding Stone, particularly when Stone can at times be the only way of killing people at Sieges without using Ignition. Nerf Owl/Med/Heal spam first, then work on debuffs, etc.

Monday, 8. May 2017, 14:06

Author: Bubbalicious

Option to turn off Guild Application

I should vote against it, just to annoy Meela, then make her give me GA spot so I can check for Crossy toons and kick them.

Monday, 17. April 2017, 09:21

Author: Bubbalicious

Just Hilarious

I see Crossimir! I can feel the bromance! On subject; rates of upgrading/melding, etc are a big part of why I currently don't play (also hiding from Luda in case he somehow manages to find a way to transmit his singing voice through muted computers), in the past, it was expensive, but at least you got what you paid for, with Master Stones giving guaranteed upgrades, and Jewel system being in my opinion much better (going back to before "new" Jewels were added, when Garnet was a prized jewel), I'...

Wednesday, 4. January 2017, 15:15

Author: Bubbalicious

Communication and feedback between administration and community

Double SP for a week pls Vilya! I give hugs in exchange! On a serious note, if someone is capable of making a post here, then it's not beyond reason they can find the scheduled events, which are also posted on the Forums. I would also like to note that the "friends" of GM's thing is highly unlikely, anyone with experience can go kill a Fox, if it gives 2 EXP or SP without any EXP/SP boosting items on, then one or both of those events are on. The same applies with Pet EXP, and Upgrade Events even...

Wednesday, 21. December 2016, 10:39

Author: Bubbalicious

In response to the new NPC change coming up

The NPC changes might not be so bad of an idea, if other things had been brought into line along with it, for example, unlocking Affinity (and the stuff in their shops) will now be stupidly expensive. There's also the major elephant-in-the-room of the Merchant ability, the sheer gold cost of that now we're getting less than half the gold we used to, combined with skill and other costs, makes it completely impractical. I do sincerely hope other aspects of the game are altered to reflect the lower...

Wednesday, 30. November 2016, 14:02

Author: Bubbalicious

[Suggestion] Titan Base Class Reworked

Melee classes suffer against range classes on this game too much, what I'd like to see changed is - if a melee weapon-wielding character gets within range of another player in PvP, even if that player is moving around, they are able to use a regular attack or skill, instead of getting that annoying "too far away" message. As for Titan Class changes, I personally don't think the base Titan needs changing much at all, maybe have Knee Crasher, instead of a chance of interrupting a skill, have it wh...

Sunday, 21. August 2016, 01:16

Author: Bubbalicious

enforce rules ty

I'm sorry Vilya, but I have to call into question your "clarification" of rule 13, it says "support", not "Party", Partying in Stage 1 between attackers and defenders would actually likely hurt the attacking Guild, as it would take away some opportunity to gain points. "Support" to me is the much better word, as supporting can range from Partying during throne stage, to allowing one attacking Guild an unfair advantage by allowing them to "farm" defenders to guarantee them a top 3 spot, "support"...

Saturday, 20. August 2016, 19:32

Author: Bubbalicious

enforce rules ty

Quoted from "pruss" "#13 Event / Game Feature Interference You may not use or abuse any game features to create a scenario that is logically not intended during an event, even if technically possible and permitted by game design. (Examples: Killing someone intentionally who needs to be protected. Killing players participating in a tournament. Supporting attackers while being a Defender in castle siege.) Sanctions According to the severity of the violation, the following sanctions are possible: ...

Friday, 29. April 2016, 23:17

Author: Bubbalicious

Jewel Box drop event

With the Pictoral Book no longer giving the mass amount of Jewels it once did (it did need to be nerfed though, just not as bad as it is now, but that's a different discussion), I had the idea for a new kind of event: Jewel Box/Pouch drop event - every monster killed has a chance to drop a level 1-5 Jewel Box or Pouch! (Boxes for old Jewels, Pouches for the newer ones) This would work just like the Fall Event, meaning people would have to actually go out and farm them, this would help improve th...

Tuesday, 26. April 2016, 15:09

Author: Bubbalicious

Making Gold!

Let's see, some ways of generating actual gold into the game, rather than shifting it around: EXP lock below level 65 and farm the Spiders in the first room of ToF, with equipment drops and the Tokens you can exchange for sellable Jewel Boxes, you can make a bit of gold per hour. EXP lock below level 127, and farm Claw Harpies in Vlad, this takes decent equipment, and an Elephant is usually required for a decent farming rate, but if you have the right stuff, you can make a couple of hundred mill...

Sunday, 24. April 2016, 23:18

Author: Bubbalicious

Item Mall Desires

My desires for Item Mall: Superior-Grade Master Stones, that have the same success/fail chance, but remove the downgrade possibility (would cost more than a normal MS) Purple Gear Blessing would be nice, as drop rates of certain items are atrocious 30-Day Boxes, if for a sensible price C2 Onesies for all Classes! Dress up as your favourite P1/2 Pet! (this part can be removed if necessary, as it's not directly the Item Mall) I'd also like to seem improvements and more variety to Loyalty Rewards, ...

Sunday, 24. April 2016, 17:51

Author: Bubbalicious

Please turn the double pet event on

I managed to talk Vilya into doing a second Pet Event today, it's only an hour, and it starts in 10 mins, but it's better than nothing!

Friday, 22. April 2016, 22:25

Author: Bubbalicious

Trojan issues for some players

I've had the issue with "trojans" today too, my laptop decided that both nksp and another file in the LC folders were trojans, restoring them doesn't seem to help myself at least with this issue, because even if restored, you can't get past X-Trap starting up, most likely because it thinks the game has been altered.

Sunday, 20. March 2016, 16:39

Author: Bubbalicious

how do i spawn in town

There should be an NPC near where you spawn, that has a Quest called "To Randol Castle", complete that and you should spawn in town in future. If it's not there, no idea how to help.

Friday, 11. March 2016, 13:23

Author: Bubbalicious

93x3 30% crit 60 cd acc

Because of the Crit seal, my offers will only be in hugs, and maybe 50 mill max!

Thursday, 18. February 2016, 08:32

Author: Bubbalicious

Question Regarding Status

Buy 39 MS +30 (3K IC, gives 6 points each), get one free!

Tuesday, 16. February 2016, 11:43

Author: Bubbalicious

Question Regarding Status

System gets re-introduced with no notice, and we get told there's 7 days to use points before they're gone? This is why I stopped being active on LC, imagine the poor souls that have points, but are currently on a break, it'll be like people losing thousands of items with the stacking patch all over again, simply because they were on a break. To those that end up losing points because of the way this is being done, my heart goes out to you.

Wednesday, 27. January 2016, 09:04

Author: Bubbalicious

moving stones of bosses

That would work all well and fine, until those pesky TK's start moving the wrong spawns too, just to make you spend 30+ mins a map looking for the right ones, that is if the NPC Scroll method even works, I've never tried it.