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Friday, 14. October 2016, 16:41

Author: Kesja

Attention first time buyers!

Attention first time buyers! Get 3x Game Cash Gift Tokens (50 Cash) 10 Packs in addition to the normal first time buyer package! This means you will get additional 1500 Last Chaos Cash / Iris Cash! To get the first time buyer package, you will need to charge at least a 4,99 package or higher.. The promo is available from today, the 14th October 17:00 (11:00am EST) - to tomorrow, Saturday the 15th October 23:59 local server time! Your LastChaos-Team

Friday, 14. October 2016, 16:37

Author: Kesja

Get a safe upgrade up to +5![Done]

Dear Community! Since upgrading can be quite difficult, we offer you a safe +1 on one item! What you need to do? Buy at least the 19,99er package in the Cash-Shop and get one safe +1 on one item! And the best thing is! For every next and different package total you buy, you will get an additional +1 on the same item! With this, you could even get a safe +5 on the same item! If your weapon is already +25 you can bring it safely on +30! It's important, that you buy different package totals of 19,9...