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Tuesday, 24. December 2019, 09:32

Author: Radiocarbonmethode

Feedback | Theos Tomb of Darkness

Lvling Is way to fast... especially with exp pets like snowleopard...

Thursday, 12. December 2019, 22:06

Author: Radiocarbonmethode

New content enigma

makes sence, since the latest jigsaw puzzle is a picture from theos tomb

Sunday, 30. December 2018, 08:29

Author: Radiocarbonmethode

Faction Weapons are a Wasted Opportunity

True, there are a lot of missed oppurtuneties in this Game. Another example: Alber and the Fraktion System. In Alber could be so much more and the benefits of wasting 100+ Hours to lvlup the Fraction Ranking are legit none.

Friday, 4. September 2015, 00:01

Author: Radiocarbonmethode

Disconnect, Disconnect, ...

restart your pc and restart your router problem should be solved