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Friday, 13. March 2020, 16:30

Author: Leather

Ebony Mine

Okay..... What's the level of the monsters in the Ebony Mine..?? I can't find it anywhere, I'm at level 69 Cleric and everything is still red. Thanks. Liz

Friday, 13. March 2020, 16:04

Author: Leather

P1 and P2 Ponies

Okay here's the question. I now have a pony (from Pan Flute) and training it, So how do I delete the pony I got when I became a Cleric.? When I say delete I mean completely remove it from my inventory and my game so I can concentrate on the other one that becomes a horse. Thanks much for any help. Liz

Monday, 9. March 2020, 18:55

Author: Leather

Game Lagging....

Thanks Guys..... I did what you said to do...… Computer had 2 updates pending. Once completed, game ran as normal. Thanks for the fix. Liz

Sunday, 8. March 2020, 16:50

Author: Leather

Anyone Have A Cure For A Slow (Lagging Baddly) Game.

Hey All..... Game is really lagging badly. I have uninstalled it and reloaded it in my computer (windows 10) but still no luck. I play on the US Horizon channel 2 game. Anybody have a cure for this problem, (other than take two aspirins). Sure would like to know what's going on as this is the first time it's happened to me Thanks for the help. Liz

Wednesday, 26. February 2020, 09:23

Author: Leather

Leveling A New Pet

This is the first pet I have ever had on LC. I got a pony when I became a cleric. Anyway, I'm at lvl 45 and the pony is at lvl 1. Where is the best place to start leveling him up...? Or maybe I should say where is the safest place to start leveling him up....? (By safest I mean some where he won't get killed by monsters with one hit from them). Thanks for any and all advice... Liz

Tuesday, 25. February 2020, 21:08

Author: Leather

The Color Of Your Pet....

Okay, here is a question for everyone. I have an pet Pony (got him when I became a cleric). The little guy is GREEN....!!!! (WTH..??)……...I've never seen a green horse or pony in real life, why do I have to have one on LC...?? (By the way, I own a horse in real life, I also happen to be Irish...Don't go there ) So anyway, can I change his color..? and if so, how do I do it..? Has anybody ever changed a pets color before..? Thanks in advance. Liz

Tuesday, 18. February 2020, 17:16

Author: Leather

Old School

I remember playing LC when it was with Aeria Games. It was a long time ago and back then there were literally thousands of people playing on any given day. You could not go anywhere in the game without bumping into lots of people. Now it's 2020 and times have most definitely changed. Most of the people here are part of the "old breed" of LC. It's safe to say that the majority have moved on to many other (and newer) games. I came back to LC after a long (very long) time away, I found that the gam...

Friday, 24. January 2020, 23:33

Author: Leather

My Name is Elizabeth, but on LC i'm "Leather".

You can find me..."Leather" on Channel 2 or Channel 5. I'm a lvl 32 Cleric. I normally speak English but have a basic understanding of French. I'm always willing to play with others in the game. Please feel free to look me up or leave a message. Liz

Saturday, 28. December 2019, 22:35

Author: Leather

Windows 10

Okay, Quick Question..... Will Last Chaos down load and operate on a windows 10 computer...?? I have a chance to buy a computer, but I want it to be on system that will allow me to play Last Chaos. Thanks.

Thursday, 28. November 2019, 21:42

Author: Leather

I can't download the game (US Client)

HELP....!!! I keep getting the "Gamigo has encountered a problem and must close" during the start of the download. Am I doing something wrong or do I need to do something to correct this......if so what...?? I'm on a Dell Computer (that I use strictly for PC Games) with XP as the operating program. Please could someone help me get the game to download..... Thanks

Thursday, 28. November 2019, 18:22

Author: Leather

Can't Download The Game To My Computer

Okay All...... I really need help on this. I have a Dell computer with XP on it. I use it strictly for games. Anyway, When I click on the US Client to download, It starts and then goes to "we have encountered a problem and must close", what should I do to get around this and get the game to download so I can play it...?? Thanks for the help......I really need it. Liz