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Friday, 22. May 2020, 14:07

Author: legend

Processing crystals for skill

Who else here is getting error everytime when making crystals at Master of processing materials NPC in Juno? I can't even do 10 consecutive times of processing then getting error,also got error even in just 2 times of processing. Any suggestion so I could make crystals and not getting error?

Tuesday, 26. November 2019, 10:24

Author: legend

intro plus question about skill points?

check this out Class skills - Last Chaos - Guides & Information for your class,list of skills and sp needed

Tuesday, 26. November 2019, 10:19

Author: legend

The first meld / remoove jewels event

what lvl was that jewel?as my experience 800% jewel meld is a success for up to lvl 13 jewels..lvl 14-15 still fails so really need to use jps..but yeah i guess that jewel meld event was not on coz i tried to meld a chaos element jewel lvl 1 and it failed so i stopped..but the jewel remove was working fine and was able to remove lvl 10 jewels.

Saturday, 28. September 2019, 23:40

Author: legend

p2 lizard buff not working

thank you..i got it working now..

Saturday, 28. September 2019, 16:31

Author: legend

p2 lizard buff not working

hi..does p2 lizard 2nd evolution buff "shout of concentration" works? or since when it doesn't work?so this means it's not fixed until now..i have a lvl 62 2nd evo kai and skill was casted but there is no buff shown, checked my character info but still hit rate was not changed which the skill was supposed to add hit rate. I thought maybe it would work on other lizard so i leveled a lingko, and then it still does not work. Is it really not working or am I missing somthing?

Wednesday, 4. September 2019, 12:32

Author: legend

invalid password

Also mine..can't log in.. I wonder if we can log in today..