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Monday, 15. June 2020, 21:55

Author: Redblu

Dratan Castle Siege Invincibility Duration Nerf

If you think NS will be useless without cop, I think you missunderstood you character

Monday, 15. June 2020, 18:14

Author: Redblu

Dratan Castle Siege Invincibility Duration Nerf

I'll say yes, but they'd better remove Cop/Blizzard from battle. This will make battle a bit more fun. And I don't think this should be THAT complicated, since they already remove the templar TP skill from battle (skill does nothing).

Sunday, 10. November 2019, 10:24

Author: Redblu

Just some ideas

I wish we could one day play on the same server so we can show you how cleric-ns-mage is OP and how ex rogue is not that good... Unless you use ignition ofc. For the other points, I agree.

Monday, 23. September 2019, 13:54

Author: Redblu

Where's the progress?

Maybe it's different on USA, but this is weird. There is how we play on French servers :

Sunday, 13. January 2019, 09:18

Author: Redblu

PvP Server Usage

I voted Yes, but first we need a rebalancing of the whole pvp system. As Fulminar said, you can 1 shot ~150k hp without pet buff...

Thursday, 9. August 2018, 15:28

Author: Redblu

Party Quest Scroll

Same problem here... My pet auto pick up others...

Saturday, 9. June 2018, 09:04

Author: Redblu

What happened?

Let's make a Last Chaos 2 with new proper code so

Sunday, 11. December 2016, 12:35

Author: Redblu

Does Gamigo protect thier intellectual property?

Hello, Nice to see a head of the the game answering Shut down the pirate servers may be good for us. All the players who plays on the private servers will maybe come back here. And if at the same time some new content are develop, it will be good And if you can shut down the cheat tools too, it's will be perfect Sorry for my bad english i'm a french player

Wednesday, 26. October 2016, 21:52

Author: Redblu


There is a post in german who can maybe help you : X-Trap

Sunday, 16. October 2016, 11:51

Author: Redblu

Started Tutorial (Elysion server)

Hey, Nice tutorial, good job

Sunday, 11. September 2016, 11:45

Author: Redblu

Gold Droppings

Which mob in alber ? The most I've made is 8m in alber.

Wednesday, 24. August 2016, 18:56

Author: Redblu

Pic Book, End Game Content, ETC.

I agree ! LastChaos 2.0 *dream*

Wednesday, 29. June 2016, 21:56

Author: Redblu

New content

French' community is waiting for a new feature too. We all wait it Our GM said us that there are some feature in developping, but for when

Tuesday, 27. October 2015, 09:24

Author: Redblu

No player in the battle(CS) of Merak or Dratan

Hello We don't come to all the Battles. My guild for exemple come only for Merak because it's the only battle where we can do something ... The dratan's battle is so boring. Play to be OS, it's not really funny. See some guys win the tomb from below the tomb, and see the GM do anything against that, it doesn't motivate. The PvP is totaly dead in Elysion, and the server is empty because inequality. Sorry for my bad English