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Wednesday, 7. February 2018, 16:40

Author: SavoEva

X-Trap and Antivirus

Quoted from "omac" Quoted from "omac" I, like many other people, am having this problem constantly. Every time there is an update. EVERY TIME. Today its worse, as no matter what I do I cannot open the game. Previously ive been able to disable software or reinstall game, however i have reinstalled 5 times now and disabled software for it to still NOT WORK. Omac try to excluding the Gamigo folder from scans that should help u

Saturday, 1. July 2017, 02:28

Author: SavoEva

Irisian Vacation(Giveaway!)

Quoted from "Sheogorath" At Last, The vacations that i for so long awaited! Here i am, just arrived at "my little private Oasis" (didn't see any signs saying i couldn't trespass...) I was so excited to get here that i forgot my swimsuit, but i had to take a step into the water... Good thing i do use underwear, and there's no people around to be ashamed off :p well, at least i tought at first... now i see peeking from behind the far Dratan hills,many of these ugly midget beasts... these "voyers"...