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Friday, 20. July 2018, 01:51

Author: FatAndy

Bring back the good old days

Quoted from "Angelswing2" Bring back master stone where they don't fail or bound people armor . It's about bringing people and old players back to the game . I like playing Last Chaos its not a cartoonish game and the graphics are amazing .. We have some great GM's /CM's ...Monitoring this game is 24/7 not easy task. Like to see Killing Stealing be one of the rules where its a bann.. Buying pbi/pssp you're out there grinding someone come make it hard for the other players not fair ... Money is ...

Friday, 20. July 2018, 00:56

Author: FatAndy

Server Buffs

Bring Back the Gm buffs! This will make it better for people who are leveling up. some of the buffs could be windy hands, step, jackabee cheer,bless arrow.The buffs could be randomly through the week or something you give daily.

Tuesday, 12. June 2018, 02:15

Author: FatAndy

Make Ns Costumes!!

I have a gut feeling these are being added soon.

Saturday, 9. June 2018, 09:13

Author: FatAndy

What happened?

The thing that annoys people is the most of these changes are source based. Make a update even if its small to fix some stuff add newcontent, new things to do it would keep the remaining players around.