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Monday, 17. February 2020, 02:19

Author: Raschel Orana

dreaming of a Last Chaos 2 game ...

Yes ... A Last Chaos 2 game would be AMAZING ~ !!! The only thing I sometimes tire of about this game is the clunky combat, somewhat blah graphics ( although I actually like retro games - and have a high tolerance for old graphics ) and the soundtrack is IRRITATING ( I know this is off topic but , at least we should get a new soundtrack - In my humble opinion ... ~ Take Care All & Blessed Be ~ !!!

Tuesday, 22. January 2019, 01:59

Author: Raschel Orana

Slightly off topic - but .....

Perhaps I am alone in this regard ..... but ..... the user interface regarding the bags ( and everything else for that matter ) ..... IS WAY TOO SMALL ~ !!! ........... am I the only one who has to squint to see the icons

Tuesday, 12. June 2018, 18:04

Author: Raschel Orana

Hot Bars ~ !!! YES ~ !!!

More Hot Bars ~ YES ~ !!! I was wondering when this would come up for review ! ( Not sure why I never got around to suggesting it myself ~ ! )

Sunday, 10. June 2018, 23:05

Author: Raschel Orana

We will make no Wine before it is Time ...

I'm with unavailable and MujharCarillon : Complaining accomplishes NOTHING ~ !!! Fine wine is not fermented in a mere 24 hours ya' know - It takes YEARS ~ !!! ... and bare also in mind that Gamigo is not at the same level of financial resources or of staff size of something on the order of a Blizzard Entertainment or Sony Corporation. Rather ... Gamigo is like the beloved book from my childhood > "The little train that could " ... and as for the servers being " dead " - yes, it depends entirely ...

Wednesday, 28. February 2018, 15:34

Author: Raschel Orana

Thank You Vilya ~ !!!

Happy gaming to you always and always most Blessed Be ~ !!!

Tuesday, 27. February 2018, 19:54

Author: Raschel Orana

Thank You Dear ~ !!!

Thank You so VERY much for your quick response ~ !!! This is the most comprehensive information I have received thus far. ALSO I must express my sincere gratitude for availing me of the Last Chaos Guide web page, I honestly did not know of its existence until now. All the other Wiki pages I checked where empty ~ >>> Happy Gaming always and most Blessed Be ~ !!!

Tuesday, 27. February 2018, 15:54

Author: Raschel Orana

HELP ~ !!! Weapon Production DeadEnd ~ ???

Greetings to All ~ !!! Do any of you have any experience with crafting a weapon in the game ? I purchased Weapon Production Skill level 2, from the Weapon Production Trainer NPC in Randol, but absolutely no further information was given on how to craft a weapon. Is there a step by step guide I can follow ? I failed to acquire the aforementioned Weapon Production Certificate that I had previously requested information about. Now I'm at another Dead End ~ ~ Any and All assistance in this endeavor ...

Sunday, 25. February 2018, 21:07

Author: Raschel Orana

Willkommen in unserer kleinen Familie ~ !!!

Willkommen in unserer kleinen Familie ~ !!! It is my sincere hope that you will enjoy your time playing Last Chaos ~ !!! It is an old game obviously, but the people here are some of the most helpful of any other game I have played ! !!! ~

Sunday, 25. February 2018, 20:52

Author: Raschel Orana

Thank You a Bunches dear ~ !!!

Diolch yn fawr iawn ~ !!! Thank You very much dear ~ !!! I will try your advice the very next time I log-on. Happy gaming always and very Blessed Be ~ !!! Bendigedig ~ !!!

Sunday, 25. February 2018, 17:04

Author: Raschel Orana

Weapon Production Certificate :

I need help locating the whereabouts of a Weapon Production Certificate, apparently I need to hand this over to the Weapon Production Manager before I can proceed in crafting my own weapons, But I haven't the foggiest notion where to find the said certificate Any and All help in completing this endeavor is greatly appreciated