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Wednesday, 1. May 2019, 16:18

Author: Jonin1

HS High grade

How to make from low grade HS high grade, how to upgrade them?

Saturday, 27. April 2019, 23:26

Author: Jonin1

HS grade

Hi, any info about HS grades?

Saturday, 16. February 2019, 13:13

Author: Jonin1

cap level

Hi. Would be nice to raise cap at least to lv. 186 (or 200) to see at ranking the active players.

Thursday, 25. October 2018, 00:24

Author: Jonin1

Program crash

Same problem, no new programs, not use any programs when want to play, win7, only avg updated, till now no problems. What can I do, not want to delete antivirus program.

Sunday, 17. June 2018, 00:52

Author: Jonin1

Elephant has lost skills

Ty Caug, hope they resolve at next maint.

Saturday, 16. June 2018, 23:36

Author: Jonin1

Lost skill

Hi, my ele lost skill to, what to do, train again or not? The bug was repaired?

Wednesday, 16. May 2018, 22:43

Author: Jonin1


Hi Vilya, Game Masters. Why not make 5 player happy and not only one at Rumage boxes? Make from 5 or 10 Rumages only one per account. Gamers, tell your opinion.

Sunday, 6. May 2018, 21:38

Author: Jonin1

2017 gamigo party costumes

Hi, I read at forum: The 2017 gamigo party costumes are permanent. Keep the party going wearing the party costume forever! The best part is you don't even have to take it off to wash it! My 2017 gamigo party boots was removed. How I can get back if it is permanent. Thanks in advance for your positive response. Ign.: Jonin1 Character: Jonin Server: Initus

Tuesday, 9. January 2018, 22:39

Author: Jonin1

Good idea

Yes, good suggestion, RK need a good power buff or a new skill.

Monday, 16. October 2017, 20:54

Author: Jonin1

[Class]Royal Knight suggestions

Hi, my suggestion, make the RK harder, faster, the skills more powerful, especial the triple bash.

Tuesday, 5. September 2017, 21:43

Author: Jonin1

sp farm

Hi, try at Hecate till lv 107-109, you can make 800 sp in a hour with boosters.

Monday, 26. June 2017, 23:41

Author: Jonin1


My Knight needs a vacation. He currently is attending 317 consecutive days. Before take the vacation, hope to reach the one year attendance. He reach the max level, now thinking the Titan or Ranger toon start to level up. Both have lv 95+ with all skills max and +10k SP. Jonin 185 Royal Knight – Initus, ign. Jonin1

Thursday, 16. March 2017, 01:03

Author: Jonin1

crashing issue

Have same problems.

Saturday, 4. June 2016, 21:20

Author: Jonin1

Making Gold!

Take all drops, and sell. Participle to all events, get nice things. OX event, if you have luck can get 15 HS , you can sell easy. Join to mc parties - for master coin, you can sell easy too. With free armors and weapons at dual class, +10, then free armors and weapons at tof, up to +10, you can raise easy to lvl 100. After that you need better stuff for Vladimir and Mond.

Saturday, 4. June 2016, 21:06

Author: Jonin1

Brainstorming: What's Beneath the Waters of the Irisian Continent?

Good idea. But in the first step I would rise cap level to 187 or more, to see, who are the active high level characters. My opinion.

Tuesday, 17. May 2016, 01:33

Author: Jonin1

DC from AVG Antivirus

Hi. If I not temporally disable my AVG Antivirus at beginning the game, after one minute, get DC, the game close. Observe, if put on 10 min disable antivirus, can play more then 10 min, hours if I want. Best regards, Jonin.

Sunday, 10. January 2016, 18:09

Author: Jonin1

Raid enter

Have a suggestion. Please make a stone or a special item to go to raid (or chapel) with no party. And sell this in Item Mall. It is hard to get party at dt time. Every time to ask and pray for party. I want to explore raid in my way, not only run and do not see anything. I cant put in my desk an another PC and make a new account for having party when I want. And have no two pc in my house. I want raid like tof. Enter, stay or leave when you want. Jonin.