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Wednesday, 13. February 2019, 12:51

Author: Angelswing2

Valentines Day

His arrows are piercingeye deep in my skin and hit my heart. He's touch I now upon poison dart. Eerie sound of cupid reckless wicked arrow with bloody love potion . Cannot control this motion of my sweet Lover life rots away . Happy Bloody Valentines Day IGN :AngelsofSouls Server Initus I

Tuesday, 2. October 2018, 03:29

Author: Angelswing2

NPC name

Alatar represent strong characters and mythological figure. Shyann US Initus Ch 5

Friday, 20. July 2018, 15:57

Author: Angelswing2

Bring back the good old days

What I meant by bring back the good old days . Master Stone would cost ofc but, make them unbound people would start buying them like they use too. Make it where the Master Stone doesn't fail. By not making it a bann on kill steal should change .I have bought pbi/pssp and had people come and kill your kills and get away with it is not a good thing It get costly buying pbi or pssp when they ks you . Ask to bring down cost of the books for the pets while they fix the elephant buffs that were affec...

Friday, 20. July 2018, 01:27

Author: Angelswing2

Bring back the good old days

Bring back master stone where they don't fail or bound people armor . It's about bringing people and old players back to the game . I like playing Last Chaos its not a cartoonish game and the graphics are amazing .. We have some great GM's /CM's ...Monitoring this game is 24/7 not easy task. Like to see Killing Stealing be one of the rules where its a bann.. Buying pbi/pssp you're out there grinding someone come make it hard for the other players not fair ... Money is hard to come by as it is . ...

Thursday, 28. June 2018, 22:52

Author: Angelswing2

Elephant Skill

Their still working it .Think be better to wait till the let us know when it's ok to buy the books . Be nice to whom ele was affected give out 3bless books .

Thursday, 21. June 2018, 10:30

Author: Angelswing2

Ele Skills

Mine too disappear when I relog in....3 toons happen too . Dance of Courage lvl 3 ..for lvl 61 ele's Lvl 60 Ruv skills Book cost 15mil each gets expensive .... AngelsofSouls

Thursday, 14. July 2016, 06:11

Author: Angelswing2

All Gm Gathering

Sounds like a plan guys

Sunday, 10. July 2016, 19:50

Author: Angelswing2

All Guild's GM gathering

It would be nice if all us GM could get together have a meeting . Hear how we all handle issues with our guides . And how we can help them keep coming back playing . How about all. GM XxVelvetKissXx ShogunsOfIris

Monday, 16. May 2016, 17:05

Author: Angelswing2

Item Mall Desires

Like to see items for our pets would give the player more hp/mp ect.... like saddles or armor for out pets we can mix match for them also'

Thursday, 18. February 2016, 16:25

Author: Angelswing2

Page Link

I click on the page from where you click on to come on the game see to the forms. And it says page not found .So,i right click icon to open it up to get to the forms .Is the link broken.

Sunday, 14. February 2016, 08:26

Author: Angelswing2

Fellowship and Leveling

Can you be in fellowship while you leveling your toon.

Tuesday, 2. February 2016, 05:54

Author: Angelswing2

how do i gift my toon

Please help me ,,,I need to gift my toon I don't know how??

Wednesday, 13. January 2016, 16:58

Author: Angelswing2

Attendance Lost

I had my attendance built up to 165 and when I log on today, It's back too -0- XxVelvetKissXx.

Friday, 25. December 2015, 05:50

Author: Angelswing2

Did't get the wish

I pick different things but not arrive yet AngelsofSouls

Friday, 18. December 2015, 19:23

Author: Angelswing2

powder use for jewels

i get the powder for the jewels in alber can you give the link how to use it please ' AngelsofSouls I2

Saturday, 28. November 2015, 18:34

Author: Angelswing2

Vocies To Be heard

Been playing Last Chaos for 5 yrs now it the time to hear us all out . Views how we feel about the game . I am glad the gold spammers are finally gone . Doesn't take that long any more to get our rt answered . And the GM & GA work with each and everyone of us .But, we all like to see master stone unbounded on characters. Think master stones are one of the best ideas .,Since all of us buy these from item shop should have the right to sell their armor as we invested in them, AngelsofSouls

Thursday, 12. November 2015, 15:58

Author: Angelswing2

Pbi/100% Locked

One thing why have pbi on if you had you exp lock would be a waste.Lock was meant for you to gather more sp then exp..But some of it donated to gp of the guild so It's used to level your guild if export is donated also. AngelsofSouls i2

Thursday, 12. November 2015, 15:51

Author: Angelswing2

Rez scroll failed

\Out boss hunting and died and had rez scroll it failed to protect me loosing my exp/sp 2,30 exp wa lost. thank you AngelsofSouls 12

Monday, 9. November 2015, 17:48

Author: Angelswing2

Guardian System

When click on to chose your guardian another name pops up not the name your trying too pick . AngelsofSouls I2

Sunday, 1. November 2015, 00:20

Author: Angelswing2

Buy 30day search

I bought a 30day search to get a free skill guild book tell me how long does it take to arrive AngelsofSouls I2